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Devon Nowlin’s “Swimmers Submerged” is emblematic of her affinity for life’s peripheries.

It Figures

By being Fort Worthy, your town of cow seems pretty progressive.
Fort Worth is pretty lucky. We don’t have to deal with all of that art-world drama and hand-wringing over “good” versus “bad” art or, more specifically, “genuine” versus “commercial” art.” We’re not saying...

“Allure” at Artspace 111

Jimmy Fowler
Images of hot celebrities – especially hot women celebrities – are so ubiquitous in our culture, few people pause and ponder the ramifications of marketing Beautiful People like consumer products. Those who do ask question...

Sarah Green at Studio7

Jimmy Fowler
Studio7, the new upscale tchotchke shop in the Camp Bowie District, has been hosting a few small events leading up to its grand opening on September 10. Designer, vintage, and retro barware (as in, ice buckets, cocktail shakers...