Images of hot celebrities – especially hot women celebrities – are so ubiquitous in our culture, few people pause and ponder the ramifications of marketing Beautiful People like consumer products. Those who do ask questions are usually dismissed as either out-of-touch moralists or cranky feminists. Digital painter Sarah Green seeks a middle way with her new show Allure & Utility, which opens Fri Oct 28 with a 5:30-8:30pm reception at Artspace 111, 111 Hampton St, FW. The show closes Dec 7.

Among the works in Allure & Utility are colorful images of the gorgeous Los Angeles model Taylor Vlahos, who radiates an old school Hollywood sensuality that is very sex kitten-ish. (Vlahos is scheduled to attend the opening reception). Green seems to want to honor Vlahos’s undeniable hotness as well as poke fun at the way her appeal can be mass produced and marketed like an iPad. Approach this show as Green has — with an appreciation for beauty, a critical mind, and a sense of humor.