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Palazzolo Files Second Whistleblower Lawsuit

“This case is bigger than Joseph Palazzolo in that the Fort Worth ISD is going to have to decide if it wants to allow altering student attendance records to justify state funding and performance scores, and whether white ...

Wrap-Up of Things Not Reported At School Board Meeting

Threatening to rain on the parade of Walter Dansby, the hometown kid who made good by being officially hired as superintendent of the Fort Worth schools a week ago, are two controversial issues that got lost in the love fest su...

Civil Rights or Civil Rights Lawsuit? FWISD Board to Decide Tonight

It’s called “cracking” by the courts, long-time civil-rights lawyer Jason Smith wrote in an op-ed piece recently in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It is a tactic used often by highly politicized local and state redistricti...

Readying for Live Oak

A lot is riding on the success of the forthcoming Live Oak Music Hall.
Opening a large live-music venue is a natural career transition for Bill Smith, the developer behind the forthcoming Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge on the Near South Side in the Fairmount District. He’s done construction si...

Palazzolo is Back on the Payroll

 Joe Palazzolo, former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal turned whistle blower, is back on the payroll of the Fort Worth school district  — plus he will be given a check for the back pay and benefits th...

Cutting the Economy to Ribbons

Rick Perry says a no-new-taxes budget is good for business in Texas – but is it?
Gov. Rick Perry’s press releases have been practically bursting with pride lately, as a Texas Legislature with a heavy Republican majority has passed bill after bill dear to his heart and political aspirations –– especial...

Palazzolo Case Moves Closer to District Court

Last night, the Fort Worth School Board voted to uphold hearing examiner Rick Rickman’s recommendation that embattled whistle blower and former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal Joe Palazzolo be terminated for...

Palazzolo Loses First Round

It was not the outcome he wanted but it was the outcome he expected, said Jason Smith, attorney for Fort Worth ISD whistleblower Joe Palazzolo, given the fact that the judge was being paid by his opponent. Late Friday night he ...

Another FWISD Teacher is Threatened With Retaliation

Blockbuster testimony today that Fort Worth school district lawyers threatened a friendly witness following his testimony yesterday on behalf of Joe Palazzolo may have blown the lid off the district’s entire case that Palazzo...

Highlights of the Palazzolo/AHHS Hearings

 “I was told early in the investigation by someone in the [administration] to be afraid of Mr. Palazzolo. …To ‘be careful.’” —Testimony from Margaret Renfro, recent graduate of Arlington Heights High School and a w...