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“The North Pool” at Amphibian Stage

A couple of years ago Amphibian Stage Productions had a smashing success with playwright Rajiv Joseph’s tender, mournful dark comedy Animals Out of Paper, about a master origami artist who mentors an angry street teen as they...


Amphibian Presents “Thom Pain (based on nothing)”

“The past is never dead,” William Faulkner famously declared. “It isn’t even past.” Though he was speaking in national historical terms, our personal lives are just as haunted by distant events that might seem, on the...


Home Sweet Home, ‘Phibs-Style

Even after the mortgage meltdown that helped trigger the Great Recession, home ownership is considered an integral part of the so-called American Dream. But what kind of class divisions, character distinctions, and chance circu...

‘Phibs Do “Two Rooms”

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions presents a staged reading of Lee Blessing’s play Two Rooms 7pm tonight (Mon Jan 30) at The Modern. Tix are $15. Blessing’s multifaceted drama, about a teacher taken hostage in Beirut and the vigil his ...

“Treats” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions wants to save you from another sad Monday night watching Two and a Half Men. Tonight (Dec 5) at 7pm, the ‘Phibs will present a staged reading of Christopher Hampton’s 1976 play Treats at The Modern. Ti...