A couple of years ago Amphibian Stage Productions had a smashing success with playwright Rajiv Joseph’s tender, mournful dark comedy Animals Out of Paper, about a master origami artist who mentors an angry street teen as they create a scientific paper reproduction of a human heart. Joseph, who entered mainstream national fame with his 2009 Iraq War drama Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, has a knack for grounding (and strengthening) mythic themes and philosophical musings with painful emotions.

Amphibian returns to Joseph’s peculiarly compassionate vision with a staged reading of The North Pool, a taut two-character drama about a high school vice principal who interrogates one hapless student during a detention period. The young man may have been involved in a terrible crime, or the vice principal may be perpetrating one as he does a merciless mind-screw on the kid. Readings of The North Pool happen 2pm Sun Jan 19 and 7pm Mon Jan 20 at the ‘Phibs’ home space, 120 S Main St, FW. Tix are $10-$15. For info call 817-923-3012.