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Crawling With Flavor

Jimmy Fowler
Have you heard that Starbucks is drawing righteous anger from health advocates because some of its products contain a red food dye made partially from crushed insects? I don’t even know where to begin here, people, except to ...

A Cup of Union

Local baristas say the fight for better conditions is uphill but necessary.
In late December, a small group of Starbucks employees blocked the drive-through window at the company’s coffee shop at Rosedale Street and 8th Avenue for about 20 minutes, in protest of the rising cost of their healthcar...

Starbucks Baristas Get Steamed

Some of the baristas at the 8th and Rosedale Starbucks announced today that some of their employees have unionized, making them the first unionized Starbucks in Texas. Here is their press release: Fort Worth, TX- Baristas and c...

Simon Says…Don’t Screw With Her

Jeff Prince
Suing a record label for failing to promote her album “This Kind Of Love” and blaming poor sales on marketing lapses is beneath Carly Simon. Or at least I thought it was until she sued Starbucks for just that. C’mon, Carl...