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Olive Is Home

Jeff Prince
Here’s a feel-good story to kick off your weekend: Earlier this week Blotch told readers about Olive, the Tandy Hills Natural Area’s unofficial mascot that went missing. Don and Debora Young were heartbroken and did...

Where’s Olive?

Jeff Prince
The little dog with the funny teeth and sweet personality had become the unofficial mascot of the Tandy Hills Natural Area in recent years, and she’s a familiar sight at the Prairie Fest events. Debora Young adopted the d...

Pretty As A Picture

Jeff Prince
Local environmental activist Don Young lives across the street from Tandy Hills Natural Area in East Fort Worth. The prairie park is a lovely place to visit and doesn’t cost a penny to go there to hike or chill. Young vis...

Don Young’s Wild Kingdom

Jeff Prince
Temperatures could dip into the 30 over the next couple of nights. Old Man Winter is letting Hottest Summer Ever know that to everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn. Local environmentalist Don Young is still finding ple...

Take A Hike

Jeff Prince
Listening to numerous quarterbacks saying “hike, hike” all weekend still didn’t prompt me to get off the couch and take their advice. I missed the Manly Men & Wild Women Hike through the Tandy Hills Natur...