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Doctor Moncrief?

Eric Griffey
Over the weekend, Mike and Rosie Moncrief, the former first family of Fort Worth, each received an honorary doctor of humane letters degree from Tarleton State University. A press release quoted Karen Murray, provost and execut...


Tough on (Not Reporting) Crime

Tarleton State University administrators thought they were getting a good deal when an administrative law judge let them off with the equivalent of one $27,500 fine for more than 70 violations under the Clery Act, which require...

Tarleton State Hearts Its Dropouts

Jeff Prince
The lead paragraph in Fort Worth Weekly‘s recent story about Texas A&M System threatening instructors with termination includes a passing reference to a few “graduates” at Tarleton State Univeristy. “...

The Gays Are Attacking!

Jimmy Fowler
Gay panic is sweeping the land! This might be news, except that it’s the usual cast of hillbillies, teabaggers, right-wing Christians, and right-wing Christian hillbilly teabaggers (look for the latter category on the 2020 U....