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Redistricting: Hamster Wheel

Governor decrees, legislature disagrees, parties sue, judges rule. Repeat ad infinitum.
Redistricting in Texas is like grabbing a tar baby. Once you pick it up, it’s very difficult to put down. And it sticks on everyone’s hands for years. No matter. Republican Gov. Rick Perry, acting at the behest of Republica...


Cruz Ship: Off Course?

Well, that didn’t take long. Or, as NBC broadcaster Andrea Mitchell put it recently, “Ted Cruz has made his mark already.” If The Cruz were a missile, there might be a plaintive call to Mission Control: “Houston, we hav...

Wild Wild West U. — Guns on Texas Campuses

Anthony Mariani
Texas college campuses are set to turn into the Wild Wild West if the lege allows students and teachers to carry firearms. Supporters claim that the relatively recent shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois would not h...

State Board of Indoctrination

Jimmy Fowler
Watching Texas state politics sometimes feels like reading a Terry Southern novel – there are so many absurd situations, bizzaro twists, and exaggerated examples of unlikely human behavior, you feel inured to almost everythin...