Watching Texas state politics sometimes feels like reading a Terry Southern novel – there are so many absurd situations, bizzaro twists, and exaggerated examples of unlikely human behavior, you feel inured to almost everything before the final page.

I’m only a casual observer of the sausage-making in Austin, which is probably why my first reaction to the rumor that Gov. Perry would select Cynthia Nutbar – er, Dunbar — to chair the State Board of Education wasn’t: “How could he?” It was more like: “How the hell did she ever get elected in the first place?”

People, Dunbar is not your garden-variety hawker of “traditional values.” While often cited as a member of the board’s creationism-pushing faction, that association only begins to tell her story: She makes rejected board chair nominee Don McLeroy look like Kinky Friedman. Her 2008 book “One Nation Under God” spilled all the beans about her freaky radicalism. In it, Dunbar declared that the public school system is a “tool of perversion” that threatens “devout, Bible-believing Christians” in the same way that the Nazi regime threatened Jews. If it were up to her, she’d establish a “biblical litmus test” to make sure the leaders of our “biblically based,” constitutional form of government express “a sincere knowledge and appreciation for the Word of God.”

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Let’s also not forget Dunbar’s claim during last year’s presidential campaign that Obama was somehow involved in plotting an attack “with terrorist sympathizers” against the U.S. Let all that bullshit sink in, and then ponder this – they let her be a Boy Scout den mother in her district! It’s too late to save those poor children, but you might contact the office of District 10 Senator Wendy Davis to find out how you can support a potential senate confirmation vote against Dunbar.


  1. Jimmy Fowler is to be pitied. He’s the proverbial frog that has sat in the water while the temperature has been incrementally adjusted upward. The ignorance of history of America and the foundation of this country on principles that he has no apparent knowledge of is replete in his new-age, political neo-correctness. Thank our creator, to borrow a phrase, that there is still a remnant of fortitudinal vertibrae left in this country. Its no coincedence that this principled appointment is happening in THE STATE of this great Union that has suffered the least in the economic meltdown that is occurring all around us nationally and internationally. The liberal mindset has attempted to lift any evidence of God from the public square and has manufactured a seperation of Church and State that is rapidly eroding the great edifice that this great nation has been for a couple of centuries.
    The Holy Bible asserts that when principle is practiced it will be assaulted by the world on every front. Mr. Fowler is to be pitied for being so completely steeped in the religion of Secular Humanism that he thinks it a foregone conclusion that his disdain for Mrs. Dunbar is ‘the way’.

  2. To the person who posted the comment critical of Fowler. This may surprise you dude, but most of the
    educated world does not use terms like “secular humanism”. Clearly you are a heavily indoctrinated radical right fundamental Christian. I strongly suggest you find yourself a reputable university and start taking some good quality science courses., God didn’t give you a brain so you could waste it. The separation of church and state is madated by the Constitution friend.
    And there are many Americans who have other beliefs, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist. better get used to it and refocus on jesus’s message, love, tolerance, using your head … William Fraser