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Channing Tatum and fellow sailors dance in "Hail, Caesar!"

Bonus Movie Review: Hail, Caesar!

Kristian Lin
Over the weekend, I watched the Super Bowl and got caught up on this week’s movies, and I got far more entertainment value from the latter. This came especially from Hail, Caesar!, which was good enough to make me think o...

dialogue balloons

The Best Movie Dialogue of 2015

Kristian Lin
This is my annual post about the year’s best movie dialogue, and 2015 brought so much good writing that I couldn’t find room for such well-scripted movies as Spotlight, The Hateful Eight, 45 Years, The Martian, Queen of Ear...

Picks of the Fall Film Litter

Jimmy Fowler
Fort Worth filmgoers will get a chance to sneak-preview some of this fall’s Prestige Pics thanks to “Star-T” movie scribe Christopher Kelly and The Modern’s Oct 1-4 showcase “Modern Cinema 2009: Great Movies You Haven...