Fort Worth filmgoers will get a chance to sneak-preview some of this fall’s Prestige Pics thanks to “Star-T” movie scribe Christopher Kelly and The Modern’s Oct 1-4 showcase “Modern Cinema 2009: Great Movies You Haven’t Heard of… Yet.” Methinks the title of this mini-fest is a little odd – several of these movies have been basking in national press adulation for months now, or at least since mid-September’s Toronto Film Festival.

Huge word of mouth surrounds “An Education,” featuring an allegedly star-making performance by Carey Mulligan as a ‘60s London teen hooking up with sleepy-eyed cutie Peter Sarsgaard. (Check out this interview with screenwriter Nick Hornby by NPR’s Terry Gross). The Coen Brothers’ “A Serious Man” bleakly concerns a Jewish college professor who believes the universe is conspiring against him after his personal and professional lives start to implode simultaneously. “Precious,” a harrowing tale of child abuse in 1980’s Harlem, carries exec producer endorsements from Tyler Perry and confessor to crazy celebs Oprah Winfrey. Re: “Precious” – Mo ‘Nique’s ferocious performance in this film is reportedly the final proof that you wouldn’t want to cut in front of the fat-proud Queen of Comedy at a buffet line.