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Burning Hotels Christen TNL at CM

Anthony Mariani
Here’s a vid of The Burning Hotels performing “Where’s My Girl?” at Central Market last night as part of CM’s and the Weekly‘s free weekly outdoor concert series, Thursday Night Live. The ser...

TNL Canceled, Burning Hotels/Stella Rose Show a Go

Anthony Mariani
It’s Thursday. You know what that means: rain. And you know what that means: Thursday Night Live is canceled. Again. Tonight’s performance by Josh Weathers and the True+Endeavors has been rescheduled for Thur., Oct. 1. Same...

Thursday Night Live Tonight

Anthony Mariani
New and old local outfits will clash –– um, I mean, “Complement each other nicely” –– tonight (Thursday) at Central Market. You’ve got newbies Luke Wade and No Civilians, a supergroup of sorts fronted by vet singe...