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Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Moving To Texas

Jeff Prince
Those Brits think they’re so bloody intelligent. Sure, they’ve got smart sounding accents and all, but who are they to come up with a Top 10 list to explain why so many people are moving to Texas? The U.S. Census sa...

Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan sit poolside in the movie of the year, Ruby Sparks.

Top 10 Movies

They’re not the ones you’re expecting.
I don’t have enough slots! That’s always a nice problem to have when making a list of the year’s best movies. Even taking into account a number of heavyweight contenders that didn’t make my list (because I think they’...

American Idol Sends Tim Halperin Packing

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s last prayer was squashed during last night’s American Idol competition, but Tim Halperin properly represented his hometown and deserves a local nod. He sang almost perfectly at every opportunity, stayed...