Those Brits think they’re so bloody intelligent.

Sure, they’ve got smart sounding accents and all, but who are they to come up with a Top 10 list to explain why so many people are moving to Texas?

The U.S. Census says half of the nation’s fastest growing big cities are in Texas. The BBC says it’s because of job opportunities, low cost of living, low taxes, and blah blah jolly good blah.


Blotch did its own research and discovered the real Top 10 reasons people are coming to the Lone Star State:

10. Gov. Rick Perry’s hair

9. To laugh at Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys up close and personal

8. Gun shows every weekend

7. Sexy bloggers

6. The “100 days of hell” known as June, July, and August

5. The draconian marijuana laws that make it more exciting to smoke pot

4. People get so excited about bluebonnets each spring that they trample all over them to get photos

3. Closed-minded conservatives make you feel better about yourself

2. Get to raise the flag at Pancho’s Mexican Buffet

1. High quality journalism