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Fort Worth Quietly Weird

Jeff Prince
Doesn’t Travel + Leisure magazine know that Fort Worth is Funky Town? Says so right here in the Urban Dictionary. The New York-based travel magazine listed the top 20 American cities where the weirdest folks reside, and F...

Hmmpff — More Travel + Leisure Hate

Anthony Mariani
Though based on some recent anti-Fort Worth comments to a previous Travel + Leisure-related Blotch post, I’m not all that surprised that visitors to North Texas find us ugly (we rank 18th in the looks department, according to...

Travel + Leisure Readers Despise DFW

Anthony Mariani
When I first moved to Texas a long time ago (first Houston, then Fort Worth), a wise transplanted Yankee told me that while Northerners are provincial and closed off, once they let you into their lives, you’ll be treated as f...