Doesn’t Travel + Leisure magazine know that Fort Worth is Funky Town? Says so right here in the Urban Dictionary.

The New York-based travel magazine listed the top 20 American cities where the weirdest folks reside, and Fort Worth got snubbed. But that’s okay. Fort Worth is happy in its own skin, thankyavermuch. We don’t need outside acknowledgement of our weirdness.

And isn’t it weirder to be weird without trying to be weird instead of being weird just for the sake of being weird?


Take New Orleans for example. That city screams “We’re weird, look at us please!” from the highest rooftop. Everyone knew New Orleans would take top prize. No argument here.

Austin placed at No. 3, not surprising since that city has reveled in its “Keep Austin Weird” campaign for years. Austin even topped San Francisco (No. 5), so kudos to our capital city for their successful marketing campaign.


But no other Texas cities made the list. That’s an affront to us Lone Star Loonies and to Fort Worth in particular.

We call ourselves Cowtown and offer regular rodeos and gun shows, and yet we revel in our Cultural District and its worldly museums. Cowboys & Culture is our catchphrase. That’s not only weird, it’s an oxymoron.

Or how about this oddity — city leaders who took such pride in Fort Worth being named one of the country’s most livable large cities of the 2000s then turned around and invited gas drillers to invade our neighborhoods.

Or how about those Trinity River Vision players inviting residents to come swim in the Trinity River near downtown and watch concerts? That’s odd seeing as how the water has long been considered feces infested and filthy and was untested at the time of the invitations. Weirder still, people actually showed up and dived right in. What next, picnics at the city landfill?

Hey, Travel + Leisure, since you’re so smart, name one other city that drives a herd of freaking longhorns down the street every day. Yep, didn’t think so.

But anyhoo it’s cool. We don’t need confirmation of our eccentricities from a bunch of New York eggheads. Let Portland, Denver, Las Vegas and the other cities pee all over themselves trying to be notably weird and eccentric.

Fort Worth marches to its own beat. We don’t care what anybody thinks…er…uh…as long as you don’t call us Dallas.


  1. I have to say, now that I live in Denton, this is very similar to Austin in weirdness. Come on up to the square and have a cuppa joe at The Jupiter House. Lots to see.

  2. I recall the mayoral candidate who ran against Moncrief on a keep-Fort Worth-funky slogan. Can’t recall his name now. Somebody should invent something that allows us to easily look up information. Then I could find that guy’s name. Oh well.