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HG Sply Co.’s chicken legs are perfectly crisped. Photo by Steve Steward.


HG Sply Co. serves a fresh, fast, upscale take on man’s prehistoric diet.
Steve Steward
If you’ve never heard of the “paleo diet,” or your dashboard is so covered with Whataburger wrappers that any kind of “diet” sounds like a joke in need of a punchline, “paleo” is a cooking and eating routine that ...


That Hard Loop At University And I-30 Fells A Truck

Jeff Prince
If you’ve ever been heading east on I-30 and take University Drive North exit, be sure to slow down before making that near-360 degree tight right loop that feeds you into University traffic. A truck driver found that out...

Fort Worth Police Speed To Scene Of Nothing

Jeff Prince
So I’m on my way to work this morning and I get behind a Fort Worth police car on Jacksboro Highway. The speed limit is 45 but the cop is doing 35 and weaving slightly. I can see through his back window he’s looking down an...