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Miracle of the Tweens and Fishes

Fort Worth Weekly
Two of my dreaded … that is, my beloved nieces, ages 10 and 12, came over to Casa de Chow, Baby for dinner recently. Their mother, my dear ol’ sis, has the two monsters well on their way to childhood diabetes, thanks to a s...


Getting off the High Horse

Knee-jerk reactions in a shock-jock world help no one.
After a tough day, you’re decompressing, shutting out the world, checking out the lightest of internet fare. You come across a video with a headline about a high school teacher falling asleep in front of her class. What a los...

Local Music Videos

Southern Train Gypsy rocks terrifically hard. Kickass song. Great visuals, proving the band has a sense of humor –– more hardcore acts could stand to lighten up a little. “The Healing” is off the band’s sophomore albu...