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High Cockalorum

It was the kind of situation that, had a cell phone camera been handy, could have turned into one of those YouTube overnight wonders that gets a million hits right before everybody forgets it: The beer truck was stopped in the ...

Devon Nowlin’s “Nature Deficit Disorder”


Artspace 111
The women own the show at Artspace 111 for the next six weeks. The venue’s new exhibit, Go Figure, features paintings of human subjects by female artists Sarah Green, Nancy Lamb, and two previous Visionary Awards winners, Mic...

Visionary Awards Pics

Anthony Mariani
That camera that we (read: I) misplaced last Thursday? Well, it was right where I left it: at Malone’s Pub, the site of our post-Visionary Awards festivities. Thanks to Weekleteers Carrie Mae Rehorn-Overcash and Jeff Prin...

Rahr Visionary Brew Label Finalists and Winner

Anthony Mariani
We received nearly 35 submissions from more than a dozen artists in our annual beer label contest for Rahr & Sons Brewing Company ’s Visionary Brew, brewed in honor of our annual Visionary Awards, three $500 cash awards g...

Visionary Awards Party Wrap-up

Anthony Mariani
A fantabulous night was enjoyed by nearly 200 folks last Thursday at Artspace 111. The occasion was our Second Annual Visionary Awards ceremony, the presentation of three $500 cash awards given to three outstanding up-and-comin...


Second Annual Visionary Awards

Tim Harding, David Lowery, and Devon Nowlin are tops in our annual local-arts celebration.
Anthony Mariani
Here’s a conundrum: How can Fort Worth have such an incredible array of art-related institutions and not be an “art town”? (At least not yet.) Yes, there are arty aspects of the Fort that are the envy of many other, older...

Ann-Marie Barker’s “The Living Room” at Casa Mañana.


Big Ticket
For whatever reason, the main attractions at this year’s Spring Gallery Night seem to lie outside the usual venues. Don’t get us wrong: The traditional spaces still have some stimulating shows opening this weekend. William ...

2012 Visionary Awards Winners

Anthony Mariani
Congratulations to multimedia artist Tim Harding, filmmaker David Lowery, and painter Devon Nowlin, who have been chosen by a committee of esteemed local-culture professionals as Fort Worth Weekly’s 2012 Visionary Awards winn...

2012 Rahr Beer Label Design Contest

Anthony Mariani
In anticipation of our Second Annual Visionary Awards, to be awarded to three outstanding Fort Worth artists in various disciplines, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is crafting a special beer for us, the Visionary Brew. But the...

Rahr’s Visionary Brew Has Arrived

Anthony Mariani
It’s here. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company’s Visionary Brew, a dark beer brewed specifically in honor of our inaugural Visionary Awards (three $500 cash prizes given to three outstanding, young Fort Worth artists: Michelle ...