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What’s it Worth to Save Dalworthington?

The politics of water can be … er … pretty dry stuff, unless of course you’re talking about the Tarrant Regional Water District, in which case it can be infuriating as well. But one Fort Worth suburb is challenging the TR...

DALLAS SKYLINE (flickr photo by Ken Lund)

XTO Gets PO’d At Big D

Dallas is being much more cautious than Fort Worth when it comes to dealing with the natural gas drilling industry. The drillers came first to Fort Worth, where a powerful and persuasive mayor with deep ties to the oil and gas ...

Exxon CEO Gives Oily Testimony

Jeff Prince
Exxon Mobile Corp. CEO Rex Tillerson told a House subcommittee that hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible. No word on whether he also told them Santa Claus and the tooth fa...