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Zimmerman After Ridglea Theater Again

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth councilmember Zim Zimmerman is at odds with the people behind the new Ridglea Theater again.   Most recently, he was in favor of the restoration of the now “highly significant endangered” building on the West Si...

Zimmerman Responds to Ridglea Theater Concerns

Anthony Mariani
Council member Zim Zimmerman issued an e-mail regarding the pending sale of the Ridglea Theater property. “Over the past several days, the District 3 Office has received numerous phone calls and e-mails regarding the fate...

Remove knife, apply hug

Jeff Prince
Mayor Mike Moncrief’s smarm factor was on high as he welcomed Zim Zimmerman to the Fort Worth City Council this morning. Moncrief expressed pure delight at the prospect of working with the newest council member and espoused t...