Mayor Mike Moncrief’s smarm factor was on high as he welcomed Zim Zimmerman to the Fort Worth City Council this morning. Moncrief expressed pure delight at the prospect of working with the newest council member and espoused the “Fort Worth Way” method of working together to shape city policy.

“People first, politics last,” he said.

Of course, what else could he say to the guy? Certainly not something like this: “Hey, Zim, the last thing I wanted was another independent minded Chuck Silcox clone raining on my one-man parade down here at City Hall, which is why I endorsed your opponent Eric Fox. That guy had some real connections at Lockheed Martin, in Austin, in Washington, everywhere, and I could have really exploited that to my…I mean…the city’s advantage. Instead, we got you, a retired guy named Zim who’s probably not going to say ‘How high?’ every time I give you the stink eye and tell you to jump. Oh well, the majority of the council does what I say, so your vote really doesn’t matter much. But it’s so much nicer when everybody votes in unison. Now that’s the Fort Worth Way.”