Council member Zim Zimmerman issued an e-mail regarding the pending sale of the Ridglea Theater property.

“Over the past several days, the District 3 Office has received numerous phone calls and e-mails regarding the fate of the Ridglea Theater. We’ve heard a great number of concerns, and I share many of those. The Ridglea Theater has been an important part of the Camp Bowie landscape, and citizens have a strong connection with this landmark. Unfortunately, the future of this property has been uncertain for quite some time.


“All things considered, it’s important that we strike a balance between preserving the character of this community while at the same time encouraging positive redevelopment. This is a delicate balance, but it can be achieved.

“Bank of America has shown interest in the Ridglea Theater. That’s good news. And while the proposed plans to remodel the building into a bank office would adhere to its present multi-use zoning designation, Bank of America has shown a willingness to be a good partner and consider preserving the building’s façade, including its marquee and tower. Although Bank of America has not yet purchased this property, we greatly appreciate their interest in maintaining the character of this important part of our city. Nothing has been finalized, but we will continue to work closely with Bank of America, city officials, and the residents of the surrounding community to work toward a positive outcome.”

Zim Zimmerman

Councilmember, District 3

817-392-8803 Office

817-929-9450 Cell


  1. Zimmerman’s statement here is simply meaningless politician-speak, translating to “B of A might choose to save the marquee but they will raze the rest–and maybe the marquee too. Would you people who elected me please quit bothering me with your boring opinions? I have more developers to court with your tax dollars.”

  2. Zimmerman is himself a facade. His turncoat vote supporting a controversial gas well in east Fw Tuesday shows that he has no heart.

  3. Stephanie,
    Whoever you are…that was hilarious, truthful and awesome! Thanks for bringing levity to an otherwise sad moment for 817.

    Choose a team already, not just on this issue but literally on anything. Flip-Flops are only in fashion in the summer and the music for this cakewalk is about to abruptly –

  4. Zimmerman’s comments are truly hilarious. I fail to see any kind of balance here except for maybe in certain pockets. Razing the building is a tragedy and possibly saving the marquee doesn’t change that. Maybe someday we’ll be surrounded by thousands of historic bank buildings…on every corner.