Every year for the past three (four?) years, some local do-gooders, who have since gone on to help form the Fort Worth Arts Consortium, have been putting on a multi-media fundraising extravaganza called Experience the Art of Music.

A mélange of straight-ahead rock music with various sideshows happening and types of art on display, the “experience” isn’t as precious as it sounds – it’s actually kinda fun. (We know they can drink – a lot – but arty-farty types can also par-tay.) Now officially a product of FWAC, Experience the Art is currently accepting submissions from artists. Hopefuls are encouraged to contact FWAC first before mailing materials. (Musicians, find Tony Diaz; artists, Kate McDougall.) As in past years, all of the proceeds of this year’s event (taking place in early December at Axis) will go to the local women’s shelter. HearSay’s two cents: The rock music needs to be shelved to make room for sound art and/or experimental music. Not only can rock be heard 24 hours a day at nearly every club in town while sound artists are lucky to get a minute’s worth of bathroom space, but sound art is more appropriate than rock for the consciousness-expanding event that Experience the Art claims to be. Though most folks are unaware, there are several decent sound artists in town, including Terry Horn, Michael Briggs, Mark Cook, and Ryan Supak. (Some of them can be found on MySpace.)

… Well, what a coinky-dink! Horn, Briggs, Cook, and Supak are scheduled to perform this Saturday at Firehouse Art Studios and Gallery (4147 Meadowbrook Dr.; 817-534-3620). The third or fourth performance in what has become a monthly event, the show – titled IMPRoVISED SILENCE – is not for the weak at heart or stupid. Not to get too theoretical and stuff, but the object of sound art of the kind practiced and produced by Horn et al. is neither to entertain nor distract but to engage and make you, the listener, as much a part of the musicmaking experience as the musicmaking experience itself (because an artful form of communication like music ain’t “music” unless it’s heard by someone, i.e. you). The goings-on get going at 6 p.m. The event is free, but donations are accepted. For more information, go to or Horn’s web site,

Tuk Tuk 300x250

… You may never have heard of Gigi Love, but she’s a former Cowtowner-cum-Utahan who’s been plying the saccharine-sweet Americana trade for a while. For reasons unknown, she’s back in town and playing Friday at J. Gilligan’s (407 E South St., Arlington; 817-274-8561). The jury’s still out on her music, but her name rawks! Check her out yourself at

… Just when you thought it was safe to do your best to ignore the dirt balls on Sixth Street in Austin, SXSW is back. The time is now for really hip, really cool bands to submit their really hip, really cool press kits to P.O. Box 4999 Austin, TX 78765. Application deadline is Oct. 7. (Yes, there’s a fee – like you had to ask?) For more information, go to I’d wish you luck, but it’s not gonna help (so here’s a fiddy-spot).

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