It’s been a long time, but on Friday Daniel Katsuk and his A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture are returning to the Wreck Room (3208 W 7th St, FW; 817-348-8303), where they used to hold a weekly Monday night gig until Katsuk went on hiatus a few months ago to record.

(More on that later.) The line-up has changed but not dramatically. Gone are Orion and Tricky Ricky. In their place are vocalist and percussionist Precious and multi-percussionist Tabber. The new sound, according to Katsuk, is still heavily rhythmic and meditative, but it also has a feminine, soulful quality (courtesy of Precious) and a stronger pulse (courtesy of Tabber, who used to play skins in Canvas and Dreamtrybe). The handiwork of the original line-up of Katsuk, Orion, and Tricky, Katsuk said – in highly diplomatic yet sincere phraseology – “cannot be re-made, and I would not want to; a great page in the life of A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture, and I am very thankful for our time together.” The new Triple-A is in the process of recording at Dallas Sound Lab and is preparing to tour Colorado and New Mexico for three weeks in December. A scratch recording of Katsuk’s bad-ass side project, Dia De Los Muertos – with Spoonfed Tribe’s Sho’ Nuff, Peach Truck Republic’s Evan Jones, Pablo and the Hemphill 7’s Marcus Lawyer, and DJ Jamison – is circulating in limited, um, social circles and (I shit you not) may represent a new genre altogether, something like electro-tribal trance. Opening the Wreck gig is big-timer Patrice Pike, and earlier, during happy hour, bluegrass picker Darrin Kobetich.

… The unconscionably small crowd that hit the Moon last week to see Tim Locke’s Calhoun open for The Chemistry Set neatly illustrates the current plight of the smart, mature, local rock musician. Gone are the days – lo, these eons ago – of the Acoustic Mafia, when smart, mature, local rock ruled. There was never a hotter ticket in town. These days, Cowtown scenesters – as a reflection of the entire North Texas music scene – seem more willing to focus on partying than on supporting talented, serious, local musicians. Hence, the meager crowd at the Calhoun/Chem Set gig. Not that you lousy bums care, but Locke’s outfit was dead-on (as always), and Steve Duncan’s played a lot of new, kickin’, harder-edged material. And not that you couch potatoes would actually drive to Dallas, but the Chem Set is playing Club Clearview, Friday.


… Joe Vano of Pablo and the Hemphill 7’s second annual Soundclash festival is happening this Saturday, at Axis (120 S Main St, FW; 817-870-AXIS). Slated to perform are Pablo, KulchafarI, Darth Vato, and the Brokers, plus DJ Miggy and DJ David. (David? Did someone’s dad all of a sudden start spinnin’ records?) With the exception of KulchafarI, the theme seems to be white-people-playing-African-music-but-really-well! (I love you guys.) Shit gets under way at 8pm.

… In other hippie-related news (just kidding, Joe), Medeski, Martin, and Wood-ish groove meisters Collect All Five return to the Black Dog Tavern (903 Throckmorton St, FW; 817-332-8190), Friday. Why do we care about some Austin band invading our space? Well, first of all, they’re good. Secondly, one of the guys is from here. So ptthhh!

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