A couple of weeks ago, HearSay penned a heartfelt billet-doux to a new Black Tie Dynasty track on the band’s MySpace page (

I would be remiss now in failing to mention another sonic addition to the page, the first mastered single, “Tender,” from the band’s forthcoming full-length, Movements. Black Tie’s label, Idol Records, is releasing a limited-edition single of “Tender” later this month, which will also include “Debt” (a dance remix of one of the album’s tracks) and “Lust,” a previously unreleased B-side. The c.d. release party will be on Feb. 24 at the Aardvark with The Deathray Davies, The Burning Hotels, and The Black Lights. Holy show, Batman. Movements comes out on April 25.

… After writing about the shortcomings of Malcolm Mayhew, Star-Telegram local music columnist (“Malcolm Ex,” Jan. 25, 2006), I decided to turn my estimable powers of observation on myself – eee-gad. My deficiencies are numerous, but my main problem is simple: I pretty much write about the same four or five clubs every week, and they’re all rock-based. If there’s one thing worse than a reporter trapped in the past, it’s a reporter trapped on the same bar stool. (I’m also a bottom-feeding, glad-handing, drunk asshole, but that’s another story.) I still plan on writing about all of the important bands and clubs, but I’ll try to make space for new stuff. Now. Which way is the Stockyards?

… I promise I’ll get right on that – next week. Until then, allow me to talk about West Seventh and the opening of the new Black Dog Tavern on Crockett, near Fred’s Texas Café and Pop’s Safari & Wine Bar. The new Black Dog is like the old Black Dog on Throckmorton but cleaner, a bit more spacious, much better-smelling, safer, and did I say cleaner? Lovable curmudgeon Tad Gaither, Black Dog proprietor, says he’s been through “permit hell” and back – to say that city inspectors have been dragging their feet would be an insult to running backward. Gaither, our favorite local pinko-commie bastard, still managed to crack a few wry smiles last Saturday during the club’s soft opening.


There weren’t many people there when I dropped by about 6:30, which was fine by me – I had all of the time in the world to develop an immediate love-hate relationship with the jukebox. The good: The Clash, John Coltrane, Rush, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and The Smiths. The bad: Not many local discs. The only ones I recall seeing are Goodwin’s eponymous debut from several years ago, a disc of singer-songwriter stuff by former Sunday night jazz jam host and sax-man Michael Pellecchia (that I guarantee no more than three people have heard, not counting me), and something by fusionistas Bertha Coolidge (who play Cowtown, oh, once every Haley’s Comet). WTF, Black Dog? I’m all for good tunes no matter their geographic origins, but c’mon: As part of the West Seventh Street scene, you gotta show some love to the local musicians who’ll regularly be playing your club, the Wreck Room (3208 W. 7th St.), the Sixth Street Grill (2736 W. 6th St.), the forthcoming 7th Haven redux, and Fred’s (915 Currie St.). I got a long list of suggestions if you need ’em.

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