If anything, the new Fort Worth-based Stooges cover band that operates under the title of Stoogeaphilia could give a few youngsters ’round these parts a good history lesson in professional rocking and rolling.

You may recall a few years ago in these pages that an outspoken frontman for a pretty decent local band of Anglophiles went on the record as saying that punk rock music began and ended with some Sex Pistols record (Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, to be precise, released in 1977). Hmm. I wonder how such a cool, confident young turk could have thrown pretty much the entire catalogue of New York City- and Motor City-influenced punk – forged several years before the Sex Pistols – right out the window … and undoubtedly onto the street to be trampled by screaming teens on their way to gather the latest Oasis platter? Featuring members of The Me-Thinks, Goodwin/The Underground Railroad/Pablo and the Hemphill 7, The Great Tyrant/The Chimeneas, and Impulse of Will, Stoogeaphilia clearly can’t equal their heroes’ stage energy (as if anyone can). No, the Fort Worthians are merely content to bang out exceedingly honest and kickin’ versions of “Search and Destroy” along with other Iggy Pop-tastic gems and hope the kiddos in the crowd are taking notes (highly recommended). Stoogeaphilia happens Thursday at the Black Dog Tavern, 2933 Crockett St. (817-332-8190).

… Did any other former hair-metal casualty/shredder almost flip upon reading that Yngwie Malmsteen – he of the 32-note arpeggios, cucumber-stuffed Spandex pants, and pissed-off disposition – is playing lil’ ol’ Fort Worth this week? Man, if I were 14 years old and still had my Fender Squire Stratocaster, I’d be all over this show, Tuesday, May 23, at the Aardvark, 2905 W Berry St. (817-926-7814).


… It’s that time o’ year again, kids. The Weekly’s ninth annual Music Awards are in full swing, and by the looks of things, this year’s deal stands to be pretty big and pretty intense. On page 51, you’ll find this year’s ballot, our biggest and most diverse (we think) to date. The reason for its massive size and all-over-the-map feel? Who knows. Maybe there are more good bands making an impression here. Maybe there are more good bands in town period. Or maybe a little of both. Regardless, here’s the long and short of one significant FWWMA change: Instead of showcasing performances by several bands in one club later on during the voting process, we’re going to take over four clubs in downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square.

Each venue will host a handful of bands all day on Sunday, June 25. Fort Worth/Tarrant County nominees who’ve already agreed to grace the stages include Black Tie Dynasty, Collin Herring, Calhoun, The Burning Hotels, The February Chorus, Green River Ordinance, Darth Vato, Pablo and the Hemphill 7, Chatteron, and Sleeplab. The best part: Unlike in years past, the showcase will be free. Funds for this year’s charity sponsor, the Women’s Haven of Tarrant County, will be generated by the sale of a compilation c.d. that features tunes from select nominees. Good local music, good scene, good cause – we hope you’ll join us. For more info, visit

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