Here’s a fun thing to do next time you get maddeningly stuck in traffic on East Loop 820, which for Chow, Baby is every single time it gets on East Loop 820: Pop off at Trinity Boulevard, cruise around the 97-acre Riverbend Business Park, and try to guess from the business names what actually goes on inside. Distinguished Digitizing.

Bagmaster. ZedaSoft. UTA/Fort Worth Campus – that one’s a bit easier. So is George’s Café (2337 Gravel Dr.), heralded with bright yellow banners at the corner of Building No. 32.

Interestingly, sort of, the proprietor/counterworker of George’s Café is not named George – it’s Pom; Mrs. George, slaving over the grill, is Julie. But Pom likes being called George (“It’s a friendly name, a good name”), and he likes knowing his customers’ names and their usuals. At heart George’s Café is an office-building deli, with a counter stacked with gum, mints, and fried pies, and an office-worker menu of grilled-to-order burgers ($2.59-$4.19), grilled and deli sandwiches (from $1.89 for grilled cheese to $4.49 for a smoked-chicken sub), fresh-fried seafood baskets (perfectly seasoned catfish fillets with fries and cole slaw, $6.49), plus salads, chicken-fried, and a few Tex-Mex items. Everything Chow, Baby tried was made fresh to order and tasted great – a blessing, given the state of East Loop 820 and the likelihood of Chow, Baby’s becoming a regular here.

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