By Jeff Prince

A local blogger is just one of many misinformed folks who think ‘Fort Worth Weekly’ hates its namesake city. Wrong-O. We work hard to uncover dirt, corruption, graft, and general mayhem because we love our city and don’t like people trying to screw it up.

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One thing in particular I adore is the city’s history of stepping to the beat of its own drummer (having been born here in 1959 and spent most of my life here, I can verify to the city’s longstanding funkiness).


One of my favorite areas to mirror this ideal is the one-mile stretch of Montgomery Street between I-30 and Camp Bowie Boulevard: a high-profile entranceway to the Cultural District but far from the gentrified and sterile gateway that many people might prefer. Museum bluebloods surely cringe every time they drive past such an odd assortment of buildings, a mishmash of architecture that screams, “Welcome to Funkytown!”


From I-30 heading north, here’s a sampling of that assemblage, eye candy for anyone with an appreciation for the absurd:



Cultural District redevelopment and the possibility of building a rodeo arena at the intersection of Harley and Montgomery streets might mean the loss of some of these buildings in the near future, but we can enjoy them while they’re here.











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