You’d think Chow, Baby scans the local foodie blogs to steal ideas, but in fact it’s just looking to see if its name is mentioned (as in, “As the brilliant Chow, Baby brilliantly pointed out…”). That actually has never happened, for some reason. In the meantime, here’s an idea Chow, Baby stole from Fort Worth Hole in the Wall: Visit upscale Fuego (6333 Camp Bowie Blvd.) at lunch and get chef Efrain Benitez’ continental-Mediterranean creations for a lot less than you’d pay at dinner.

Chow, Baby ran right over, and it’s true: Fuego’s lunch entrées average about $13, much less than the dinner menu’s mid-$20s. Score!

Of course, it’s human nature that when items are on sale you buy more of them. Chow, Baby’s two appetizers, tuna carpaccio ($10) and monster shrimp tempura ($9), were fantastic, each served with appropriate greens and respectively perfect sauces. Perfectly grilled beef medallions ($13) were stacked on polenta cakes and smothered in porcini mushroom sauce. Pretty good, but the star of Chow, Baby’s huge-lunch show was the shrimp scampi ($14), three triple-biters in a garlic-paprika-butter sauce atop sautéed spinach. Everything was fantastically delicious, the portions were large (Chow, Baby ended up with an army of little black go-boxes), and so Chow, Baby will go first: Brilliant idea, FWHITW, simply brilliant.

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