The Dallas Morning News raved about Paul McCartney’s concert at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but look at the reader’s comments below the review.

Apparently people on the third level heard the concert pretty well, but many concertgoers are steamed about the poor sound quality at the massive venue.

Here’s a sampling of comments:

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“Last night will be memorable too because we spent a lot of money for floor seats and the entire evening was ruined by the Grand Canyon of sound to which we were subjected. We will never return to that stadium again!!!!!!!”

“Great performance , poor concert venue, very poor sound in section 125.”

“The sound was absolutely appalling, frankly the worst I have ever heard.”

“The sound on the floor was horrible. When he sat down to play “Let It Be,” the noise that got to us was unrecognizable as a piano. Never, ever, ever go to a concert at Cowboy Stadium-it should be outlawed as a music venue.”

Similar complaints were spewed after the George Strait show.

I haven’t heard or read of any comments from owner Jerry Jones on the venue’s poor sound quality. Wonder what he thinks about it?

You’d think a billion-plus dollars might buy a decent sound system.


  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for JJ to comment on the poor sound in his billion dollar sandbox. I imagine sound was pretty good in his suite.

  2. cowboys stadium is a joke and so is jj. so glad that fort worth didn’t wind up with that abomination. who cares about a bunch of millionaires chasing a stupid ball. screw that money-grubbing lowlife.

  3. Lots of metal in the the new Cowboy stadium made for an overly reverberant concert. I sat in section 113 which was a bit more than halfway back and it was starting to get reverby but still OK. I imagine those in the back got the muddy sound. Also, bass guitar had little attack but still had resonance. Guitars sounded balanced after 15 minutes. All the vocals sounded good. Paul’s voice carried beautifully. I really enjoyed
    experiencing Beatles music live.