I don’t know about this: Now restaurants and bars with Buzztime are featuring Twilight trivia on Fridays during the month of November. Um, do we want to be giving 12- and 13-year-old girls a reason to hang out in bars? Alcohol and vampire-loving underage girls in the same place … Some things could go wrong.

Fans of the Stephenie Meyer’s saga (and I’m not one, though I’m cautiously optimistic about the movie series) don’t have to go to bars. They can test their knowledge with the Twilight Scene It game, though I’d think the game would be cooler if it had more than one movie to work with.

One thing’s for sure: If strip clubs start hosting Hannah Montana trivia nights, I’m going to call foul.


  1. Buzztime chiming in here! 🙂 When building this promotion, we actually looked at the cultural impact of the phenomena in general as well as demographics of the audience and were pleasantly surprised to find that we 30+-year-olds were not alone in our obsession. Groups like validated that this hot topic would be a great, well, topic for our Friday night line-up. We also looked at stats like the weeks that the books were on the NY Times Bestseller list (100+) and the overall revenue that is generated by the movies (over $200 million in box office sales alone!), merchadise, music and the books (all of which provide a generous and diverse amount of content for a trivia game!)

    Another point to note is that Buzztime games are broadcast in over 4,100 sports bar and restaurants in North America, a majority of which are family dining establishments like Buffalo Wild Wings and Damons. We would love to see a younger crowd enjoying the game in the appropraite environment and we feel that the diversity of our locations ensures that will happen.

    We’re really looking forward to presenting a really fun, engaging and culturally relevant game for our players, no matter what their age, and we hope everyone has as much fun playing the game as we have had creating it!

  2. I’m very excited to play this game and no, I’m not a tween. In addition, this game is played during dinnertime (7:30pm) on a Friday. My favorite Buzztime||||| ||l||o||c||a||t||i||o||n|| ||i||s|| ||a|| ||c||h||a||i||n|| ||p||i||z||z||a|| ||p||a||r||l||o||r|| ||a||n||d|| ||w||h||i||l||e|| ||I|| ||d||o|| ||p||e||r||s||o||n||a||l||l||y|| ||c||o||n||s||u||m||e|| ||a||l||c||o||h||o||l|| ||w||h||i||l||e|| ||p||l||a||y||i||n||g|| ||(can’t have pizza without beer, it’s un-American), there are always people of every age in attendance.

    I hang out with a group of adult females and when I mentioned I was going to drag my husband out to play tomorrow night, it suddenly turned into a group event. I’m so excited to share my love of Buzztime with people who don’t normally play.

    Twilight is a polarizing topic and one that many people mis-classify as for kids only. That’s like saying that only children read Harry Potter. I respect people’s opinions to not like the series, but the box office, album sales and best seller lists don’t lend to the belief that kids have access to this type of income.

  3. Christine, don’t worry. Our website people are changing security systems, and it’s caused some foul-ups with the coding on blog entries. (This post was originally posted incomplete and without links, though it’s fine now.) The issues should be resolved already.