Fans are enduring hunka hunka burning temperatures in Memphis to honor the 33rd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death at Graceland.


But wait until tomorrow if you really want to commune with the king.


Thirteen years ago I was driving to Huntsville, Alabama and passed through Memphis on a Monday afternoon. I’d never been to Graceland and decided to give it a visit.

The place was barren. I bought a ticket, took a leisurely tour, and got to spend as much time in each room as I wanted without worrying about holding up a line of people. It was great. I stayed three hours, strolled the grounds, sat a long time in the garden, enjoyed every minute, and left feeling completely relaxed. It was a spiritual experience. I never could have gotten to that state of mind if a hundred people had been jostling around me.

On my way out, I told a staffer how much I’d enjoyed the tour and the solitude.

“Where is everybody?” I asked.

“There were tons of people here this weekend for the 20th anniversary of Elvis’ death; they’ve all gone home,” the man said.

So, with that as my guide, I would say tomorrow at 1 p.m. would be a perfect time to visit Graceland if you want solitude.