Little-known Fort Worth-by-way-of-California rapper Snow Tha Product has been signed to Atlantic Records, according to (via Fort Live).

Who knows how this shit works, but there ya go: A Fort Worth artist who doesn’t exactly pound the boards week in and week out gets signed to a major label.

We’re not saying Snow is Complete. She’s talented and, according to a story we did on her a while back, hard-working.


We’re also not saying that getting signed is the be-all/end-all of music –– Fort Worth dudes (and dudettes) whose bands have been on major labels know it’s not exactly all champagne, sirloins, and sex. In fact, most of them say it’s actually the opposite. (Black Label, almonds, and loneliness?)

However, Snow’s signing must sting (even just a little) to the guys (and guy-ettes) who play instruments and bust their butts onstage and in rehearsal constantly. Best of luck to her, though.



  1. You’re right, Molano. On one hand, I’m just being a button-pushing jerk. Snow is very talented. On the other hand, though, mainstream-ish rappers (and DJs, all of them) no longer hold the same appeal to me as they once did just a few years ago. My tastes lean more toward Twisted Black, Six2, Killa MC, Dru B Shinin’, Immortal Soldierz, and a couple other locals, even though most of the aforementioned (Dru, K.MC) could be categorized as “mainstream.” They still have a lot of bite to them. Snow, for whatever reason, lacks that bite to my ears (and, believe me, it’s not because she’s a woman).

  2. Do I smell a little rockism, Anthony? (Commiserating on behalf of artists “who play instruments”?) Haha. Secondly, live performing ≠ studio worthiness, so it doesn’t stand to reason that an artist MUST pay his or her dues on stage before getting a deal. Lots of artists suck live but are great on record, or are great live and terribly bland on record. For my money, I think Snow is a good spitter but the production on the coupla tracks I’ve heard is kinda cheap; which isn’t to say that by signing to a major, the beats will necessarily improve — the older material sounds like a cheaper, thinner version of what one hears in mainstream hip-hop. (But then, the only rap of late that I’ve been listening to is Das Racist, which is admittedly weirder stuff.) Her delivery is enviably fast and in rhythm and her lyrics clever. So far, I don’t like the music overall but she’s got talent, no doubt. Because she’s from FW, I’ll be curious to hear what she releases through Atlantic.

  3. First of all, the person who wrote this article is unprofessional, obviously they are into dark rock and bullshit music. Second, obviously the person that wrote this article do not know anything about hiphop and they are discriminating against a female latin rapper that is putting ” little Fort Worth” on the map. You guys are what we call “undercover haters”, Snow talks about undercover haters in one her songs btw. Last Atlantic is a major label but with only 32 artists, o and they are all FAMOUS and making waaay more money than the person who wrote this article. The only way that this article is going to get an interview with Snow is if someone other than Anthony interviews her. – C.E.O.

  4. Wow! Ftw weekly just lost all my respect after this unprofessional half ass article. You guys really been on some hater b/s lately. No wonder ftw artist can’t come up…till now thanks to snow

  5. Stop hating and shut the fuck up BITCH. Writing this half ass fluff piece of shit. Snow is a BEAST and she deserves it. SEXXY as hell too. Snow go hard and don’t listen to the haters.

  6. We reserve the right to remove all comments that are purely inflammatory and juvenile. Eric’s comment will be removed tomorrow (Friday) for juvenile, purely antagonistic language. If you’re going to leave a comment, be respectful, and, BTW, accusing someone of being a “hater” for having an opinion different than yours is tantamount to being a hater yourself. Elevate.

  7. Mr. Mariani you are not credible by any means. You really shouldn’t be writing this article if you are not at all educated about the local hip hop scene. Snow has been doing work for quite some time and has built herself a brand that will be successful. You name drop local artists that appeal to you but give no mention as to why they do. What “bite” do they have that Snow does not? I’m interested in hearing your reasoning. Stop being so negative about something BIG that has happened in Fort Worth and stick to what you know.

  8. What planet do you live on? If you are about music as much as you say you are, maybe you should of done alot more research. Snow has been grinding for a long time and her hard work is definitely apparent. As a proud Texan, I represent any artist coming out of Texas and will support them reaching any heights in their careers. I think you need to learn a lesson instead of giving, support your own! Snow isn’t from Ft Worth but from what I see she rides hard for Ft. Worth! Ft Worth Weekly seeing that not many artist come from Ft. Worth, I think Snow’s fans need to write to the editor and tell them to get some real music writers…..If you love Texas and you represent our music, check this writer!!!!

    Fort Worth Weekly
    3311 Hamilton Avenue
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
    Phone: 817-321-9700
    Editor: Gayle Reaves

  9. funny how this writer also didnt know snow tha product is playing MORE SHOWS THAN ANY OTHER FORT WORTH ARTIST… AT SXSW… GUESS THATS GONNA PISS YOU OFF MORE RIGHT? ever thought that maybe the reason fort worth dont get no love is YOUR ATTITUDE EXACTLY.

  10. Who knows how this sh*t works, but there ya go: A Fort Worth “journalist” who doesn’t exactly matter beyond his own mind writes yet another truly uninformed article.

  11. Why not just congratulate the local artist? Regardless of preference! Last time I checked not too many local acts are getting signed. If Burning Hotels or Telegraph Canyon got signed to Atlantic they’d be on the front cover. Anthony owes this chick an apology!

  12. Thank you all for your valid points and thoughtful arguments. However, I’ve been writing about Fort Worth music pretty much every day for the past 10 years, and every week I scan the concert listings of every popular club here (and in Dallas and Denton), and I can’t once remember ever coming across Snow’s name. Not once. Dru B Shinin’? I see his name a lot. I also see Big Cliff’s and K.MC’s names a lot. Even Rivercrest Yacht Club’s. But Snow’s? Not that I can remember. Now, you don’t have to be gigging every weekend to be worthwhile, but hardly gigging in your town if at all seems pretty odd. Anyway, congratulations to Snow. I’m sorry I don’t appreciate your work as much as some commenters on this story would like me to.

  13. If you are a true fan like myself you would know she has been doing shows since cali. Just because she wasn’t doing a million shows in ftw doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it. Theres way more to the business than just shows shows shows. Doing rinky dink shows in ftw wasn’t gonna get her noticed anyways and you know that or there would have been more signed artist from our city. We need to think outside the walls of fort worth because there is to much local hate like you for example. Makes it impossible to shine. Seems like ftw weekly is losing fans huh? Good one buddy. Congrats to snow tha product. Well deserved.

  14. I read Caroline Collier’s story on Snow Tha Product last year but hadn’t heard the rapper’s music. This heated exchange of comments motivated me (and probably others) to go to YouTube and check out Snow. I listened to four or five of her videos and enjoyed all of them. Her lyrics are interesting and funny and she can go fast or chill. She looks great and has a star quality. You go, Snow. I’m more of a country music fan and one of my favorites, Willie Nelson, recorded two of his best albums while with Atlantic Records, so that record company has a soft spot in my heart as well. You go, Atlantic. One final thought: Reading Anthony’s post I see that he called her talented and wished her luck and wasn’t disrespectful. He mainly noted that she doesn’t beat the club scene to death. I don’t know if Snow gigs regularly or not. But I respect anyone who spends hundreds or thousands of hours belaboring over meaningful lyrics, melodies and songs, and holing up in studios creating compelling albums and videos. I don’t enjoy albums any less when artists limit their public performances. In fact, it adds to their mystique.

  15. I am a huge fort worth hip hop fanatic.
    going back to the days of genocide, one gud cide, the list continues. I personally felt this post was very half assed and unprofessional. Snow Tha Product has earned her status, She has been featured on the world’s biggest and most popular hip hop websites in the world including and so how exactly is she unknown? there’s more to just doing gig’s in fort worth. I bet i can name about 10 acts that are constantly doing big events and gigs in the city that you guys aren’t even covering including: smooth vega, royal south, louie evol, osama tha great, immortal soldierz, and the list continues! opinions are opinions but facts are facts.

  16. Thanks for writing, Roy. Your points are well taken. However, we’ve written a bunch about Vega and, later, his Pandemoniums, and we’ve mentioned Royal South and Immortal Soldierz many times before. I’ve heard of Louie Evol but have never seen him live. I’ve never heard of Osama the Great. I’ll try to look him up online, though. Thanks.

  17. Would be nice for the weekly to cover a lot more than “hipster” music. Met Snow in person and she is a very humble lady. Very down to earth. She busted ass and now gets her shot. There’s a lot of talent out there. Even on the radio. People born and raised in Fort Worth that never get mentioned.

  18. JC. Yes, most of our music coverage is “hipster”-ish, and, yes, we should do a better job covering hip-hop (and, incidentally, Texas Music and heavy metal). If any underground FORT WORTH/ARLINGTON hip-hoppers have any shows coming up or albums coming out that shouldn’t be missed, please let me know: Thanks.

  19. Are u serious … Do u even know anthing about thats women. She is one of the hardest working talented latinas I’ve ever seen. Haters .. health problems and even ignorant people haven’t been able to stop her. I lost a lot of respect for the fwweekly because of this blog. Talk down about people that deserve to be talked down to. Not about a talented latina who is paving a way for her people ..this city and the local hip hop scene. Congrats snow on a well deserved deal. Dot

  20. This is excatly what’s wrong with the fort worth hip-hop/rap scence at this very moment. I swear to you Weekly and The Dallas Observer are NIGHT & DAY. Instead of embracing this artist for her accomplishment and celebrating her efforts you scribe this group of words reffered to as an article. This city will never get the respect it’s due if we dont stop the favortism and support each other via the outlets we have avaliable. Im not into the music Snow makes at all.. but this is something you just repsect and make known to the people (General Public) in the city. This is NEWS, do your job and report the NEWS. Your opinion and valid news are two very different things. There are positive things happening in this city and for the media to not have a relationship with the artists it should be helping to build is insane. This can’t cant!

  21. I feel what rico is saying tho the Artists and Weekly need to meet and put the past of Fort worth Hip-Hop behind us cause times have changed for real. This aint tha 90’s no more.