Fort Worth can look forward to what Dallas already has: A highway billboard ad for a Kentucky “creation science” museum that implies dinosaurs hung out with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Creation Museum has launched a $500,000 nationwide promotional blitz –– to hit the Fort later this year ––– using billboards with big colorful pteryodactyls and mastodons, presumably to entice dino-loving tykes into bugging their parents for a vacation trip to Petersburg, KY, hometown of the Creation Museum. My guess is this will cause more responses of “Shut and play with your Gameboy!” than actual treks to Petersburg.

Some will be upset about the Creation Museum using a bait-and-switch tactic to slip right-wing fringe pseudo-science to unsuspecting kids. And that’s a legit concern, I guess. But let’s face it ––– if your parents are seriously entertaining a family trip to the Creation Museum, then you’re probably already a home-schooled tot with hundreds of hours of Veggie Tales viewing under your belt. The damage has been done. And to be fair, can the museum billboard ads be any more confusing to little kids than the TV show Dino Dan, which features a Canadian loner who hallucinates about giant lizards in his backyard?


  1. You wonder why the US is losing it’s edge in math and science? This tripe is Exhibit A, the proverbial shooting yourself, and your child, in the foot. The science-denying religious/military/industrial complex is a far more fearsome enemy than any terrorists. And we encourage this…