The president, “big” women, and machine guns were a few of the topics that redneck philosopher and rock guitarist Ted Nugent touched on during Saturday night’s performance at Billy Bob’s Texas.

The Dallas Morning News reported these quotable gems from Nugent’s stage banter:

“I vow that I will use our freedom to get these dirty (expletives) out of the White House. The president is a bad man. The vice president is a bad man. They’re all bad people. If you don’t get that, you’re a dead (expletive). If you don’t get that, get out of Texas. Move to Illinois.”


“All the skinny girls get a free machine gun tonight,” he said, holding up a machine gun on stage. “The big girls can load them.”

“This is an illegal Gibson guitar, the game warden told me it was illegal. They’re soulless (expletives). Those spineless, soulless pieces of (expletive) from the Wildlife Agency should take me down now, because all of my Gibsons are made of dangerous species. This one is made of platypus! My audience will beat them within an inch of their lives. Is that illegal? (Expletive), it’s just entertainment!”

“It’s time to celebrate the taking back of America in 2012.”

You won’t find anything in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Nugent’s show. Tarrant County’s daily newspaper chose instead to cover the Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias concert…in Dallas.



  1. All this freedom and violence talk coming from an admitted douchebag, draft dodging, pedophile.

    As far as his Gibson goes he can shove it. Maybe he’ll be happy when there is no ebony and rosewood to make guitars for douchebags like him. It doesn’t need to be made from endangered woods anyway, totally unnecessary. Unless you are a selfish douchebag who’s idea of a good time is baiting farm raised animals close enough so that you can kill them and pose for photo’s with the corpse.

    Did I mention I think he’s a douchebag?

  2. Nugent can stick his automatic weapon up his ass. This fool is promoting stupidity despite being a seemingly intelligent person. He’s forwarding non-thinking, racist, violent ideology with disinformation.

    As for his Gibson guitar, once produced and purchased, it’s not “illegal.” Nobody is going to come and take it from you. Yes, I believe rosewood fret boards affect the tone of the notes played, but it’s the guitarist 90% of the time, not the guitar, which make the notes sound good. I may not like the changes to the instruments, but I agree with why the government made the ban.

  3. Me to !!!!! You go Uncle Ted. You are a true American . Thank you for sticking up for the real America . Let’s ride in and chop there heads off in November.

  4. I’m just glad he’s not in Michigan anymore.
    I’m a truck driver, and Ted has been gracing the ads in some truck stops, including some ads posted above the urinals in the men’s rooms (yes, they really put ads there). I’ve been tearing off Ted’s photos, placing them in the urinals, and…let’s just say I do to his picture what he admits to doing to his own pants just before his meeting with the draft board in the 70’s in order to avoid serving in Vietnam.