Apparently people in Virginia like their pizzas like they like their guns: fully loaded.

A pizza shop in Virginia Beach is offering a 15 percent discount to to anyone who walks in carrying a gun or their concealed handgun permit. Jay Laze of All Around Pizzas and Deli is following in the footsteps of a Utah ice cream parlor that knocked a buck off the price of ice cream for concealed carry permit-holders.

Laze told the Virginian-Pilot that 80 percent of his customers have taken advantage of the deal. It’s going so well that he’s considering making it permanent.


The shop also holds a twice-monthly discussion group/Happy Hour called “Liberty on the Rocks” where armed customers are encouraged to have a cold one and discuss ideas of how to apply liberty by the slice.

While the local conversation on gun control may be contentious and polarizing, at least the Perrotti’s delivery guy isn’t showing up to your door packing heat.