Artist rendering of the entrance to the permanent exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Courtesy George W. Bush Foundation.
Artist rendering of the entrance to the permanent exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Courtesy George W. Bush Foundation.

George W. Bush has apparently been painting pictures in his jammies and watching a lot of SpongeBob in recent years. He’s kept a low profile since finishing his second term as president in January 2009.

His sideways-smiling, soulless vice president, Dick Cheney, has been less of a wallflower, popping up to take pot shots at the Obama administration. So has Bush’s evil mastermind, Karl Rove. But Bush has been quiet as a church rat, er, mouse.

Still, he can’t skip his own library event. Bush and his cohorts in creepiness are expected to attend the exclusive invitation-only dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on April 25 at Southern Methodist University. They will play charades in honor of Bush’s eight-year attempt to imitate a credible leader, and then Rove and Cheney will each perform a puppet show with Bush in his lap. Later, Cheney will accidentally shoot somebody in the face with a cork while opening a bottle of champagne, and Condoleeza Rice will accuse several SMU fraternities of hiding WMDs.

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Meanwhile, protesters will be outside trying to ruin the fun.

The People’s Response, a coalition of activists who seek peace and social justice, issued a statement saying it isn’t happy about the library casting a “veneer of legitimacy on the Bush administration and its policies.”

The People’s Response is planning to protest the event with a rallying cry, “Accountability for the past! Democracy for the future!” So far, more than 200 people have indicated they will attend.

Frankly, as long as he stays away from public office, Static doesn’t care how many self-congratulatory parties the Shrub throws. On the other hand, giving a Bronx cheer at said parties is also a perfectly fine idea.


Water Fights

Texas is about as neighborly as a coyote at a bunny farm when it comes to H2O these days. The Tarrant Regional Water District sued Oklahoma over water rights in 2007, and that case has climbed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Now Texas is suing New Mexico over Rio Grande water. New Mexico says it sends its fair share of water to Texas under the venerable 1938 Rio Grande Compact, and that state’s attorney compared Texas to a rustler and an extortionist. This argument also stretches back to 2007, when West Texas farmers accused New Mexico of pumping out too much groundwater and reducing the flow of river water to the Lone Star State. An agreement was worked out to prevent litigation, but then New Mexico decided it didn’t want to stick by it.

If you like Water Wars: The Prequel, stay tuned. Lawsuits and fist shaking are likely to become standard operating procedure among states in the drought-ridden Southwest. But trying to solve water problems through stronger conservation measures, like the ones Fort Worth and Arlington refuse to pass? Nah, that’s just un-American.


    • You do recall your fine Repug President don’t you Larry? It’s common knowledge that it’s not Bush’s choice but other boss Repug’s that have kept the Shrub hidden under his mansion in Big D ever since he slinked away from our White House. Pure loser there, boy. PURE. My bird-dog Roxy is smarter, behaves better, & comprehends and acknowledges the facts way better than the Shrub and you combined. Peace, Larry. Get over it. I’m praying for Bush, and you, and what he left of our planet.

  1. Benny you are an idiot. Bush decided just as his father did to live a normal life after office. This article makes me ill. EVERY president gets a presidential library. Did Bush make mistakes? Sure he did. Every president makes mistakes. I can’t imagine how tough of a job it is. With all the problems we have in our country it pisses me off that the Fort Worth Weekly focused time and energy on this non issue. I wish the FW Weekly “journalists” would grow up but instead they continue to piss and moan much ado about nothing! Go to a third world country for a week and witness what real problems are!

  2. As a member of the Veterans For Peace Impeachment Tour Bus that took Cindy Sheehan to Crawford Texas on August, 6th, 2005 I have two contributions to the library I think presidential historians should be able to study. My short video of the first day of Camp Casey and the Veterans For Peace Impeachment Tour Bus maybe he can use it to shuttle visitors from the Campus of SMU to the ditch outside his ranch?