You’ve probably heard that tomorrow (Saturday April 20) is national Damn We Sure Love Weed Day, or whatever the official title of the unofficial 4/20 holiday is. But did you also know that it’s National Record Store Day? Children, gather ‘round and let me tell you about record stores (pronounced REH-kurd storz). Many moons ago, when phones were connected to the walls with wires and people communicated with their voices rather than their thumbs, brick-and-mortar buildings full of vinyl music discs populated the land. Fans gathered there to flip through aisles of albums and talk about their favorite musicians. And what a coinky-dink! Marijuana sometimes figured into the mix, too.

Doc’s Records and Vintage (9522 Camp Bowie West, FW) celebrates National Record Store Day and 4/20 with food, beer, and a day full of live performances by North Texas bands, including Sealion, Pinkish Black, Mailman, Vorvon, Doom Ghost, New Science Projects, and Toy Gun. Doors open at 10am. I hate to be a buzzkill, but 4/20 also happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday, so it’s very important that you have an extra-fun time tomorrow to counteract any bad mojo that might be in the air.