A restaurant that features waitresses in body-paint bikinis has gotten under the skin of some locals, who’ve complained to city officials.

Fort Worth City Council will flesh out the matter at tonight’s meeting.

Sorry for the rash of skin puns. I promise not use any more (although my promises are sometimes porous).


Redneck Heaven freaked out the folks in Lewisville already. In July, city officials changed an ordinance to prohibit waitresses from wearing body paint instead of clothes at the chain restaurant (Arlington also has a location).

Waitresses wear body paint only on certain occasions, and more typically wear bikini tops, halter-tops, bras, or other sexy clothes made from, uh, clothes.

Attire is a big thing among the waitresses. They like to play dress up. But without dresses.

For instance, Sexy Biker Babes Dressup Day is this Friday at the Fort Worth location. Don’t imagine you’ll see many formal gowns.

But I digress.

The city council is set to discuss the nudity law and determine whether it wants to rein in the skin. Civilization as we know it hangs in the balance.

Under this proposed ordinance, allowing body-paint bikinis would mean the breastaurant would be considered a sexually-oriented business.

Regardless of what happens, it will all surely be dramatic fodder for an upcoming MTV television series Big Tips Texas that features, you guessed it, waitresses at Redneck Heaven. The show debuts Oct. 9.

Write it on your calendar. In body paint.



  1. When I first saw the headline fore this story, I figured it was no skin off my nose and didn’t think it would get my dander up. But this story is not just skin and bones, and the new wrinkles brought up here do get under my skin. The women may be cute(icle), but having politicians decide if they can paint their bodies does make your skin crawl. We’ll have to see how all this fleshes out.

  2. I’m just wondering, how do these women serve food while being naked and covered with paint. There are health issues with both of those. And do they have tests to make sure the paint has no lead in it. I don’t want paint chips with lead in them to be in my nachos. I mean city council might be focusing on the morality play here, but the environmental issues are a bit more important. Can a restaurant with naked painted employees be certified for LEED design? The only solution might be for them to wear plastic bags over their naked and painted bodies, but I’m guessing that might defeat the whole purpose. The more I think about this the more complicated it gets. Rand Paul probably knows what to do.

  3. This place is great and I have never been there. Butt I will !!!! When will religious farmers wives stop trying to make us behave like them all prim and proper. one position once every 4 months after their husband threatens to leave them

  4. I’ve been to three and I like them. Good food it’s like going to the beach or swimming pool
    Big deal! If you don’t like the waitresses in little suits don’t go. I probably wouldn’t want to walk in to there complainers bedroom either. So I not going there but I am going to Red Neck Heaven. Go pick the nude bars if you bored and need to be heard!