Where’s Billy Mays when you need him? Oh yeah. What about the Sham-Wow guy? Yikes.  I guess I’ll pitch this deal myself, at my own risk:

For a limited time, the City of Fort Worth is selling rain barrels and compost bins at an insane discount.

The rain barrels are just $65 (normally $119). Equipped with a mosquito-proof screen, it slices, it dices, it comes with everything you need to assemble, collect, and use rainwater. If you act before Oct. 27, the city will throw in a 6-foot overflow hose — perfect for daisy-chaining into another rain barrel!


But there’s more…

The city will also sell you an 88 gallon backyard compost bin for $65! That’s a savings of $54. The lightweight, attractive compost bin will make your thumb green, and the neighbors green with envy.

Act now and the city will also come and pick up your trash and recyclables once a week!