JOEL BURNS (city of Fort Worth)

City Council member Joel Burns, who made national news in 2010 with an anti-bullying speech, announced his resignation at tonight’s meeting.

Burns is Fort Worth’s first openly gay city council member. He’s served for seven years.

In July, Burns is attending an 11-month masters program in public administration at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.


School bullies best avoid Burns or he’ll give an eloquent tear-filled speech and go all viral on their asses. (Does Harvard have school bullies? If so they’re probably really smart.)

Burns said he’ll stay on the city council until his successor is elected.

“It is an amazing honor and incredible opportunity I never thought possible,” he said. “And I was excited to accept Harvard’s invitation last week.  But it’s a bittersweet moment, because participating in this program means choosing to step out of my seat here on the city council and say goodbye to a life-changing experience I never could have imagined when I was first elected in 2007.”


  1. Now that Joel is gone maybe we can get a councilman that listens to all of his district not just the wealthy ones and Forest Park Blvd can get off of the failed road diet.

  2. Thank you Mark. Serving (and listening to) all of District 9 — from South Hills to Oakhurst and Sunset Heights to Worth Heights and beyond — for the last 6+ years has been an incredible honor.