Belmontes: “I dispute it all.” Courtesy Michelle Felan
Belmontes: “I dispute it all.” Courtesy Michelle Felan

A candidate for Tarrant County Precinct 5 justice of the peace can point to a long list of service organizations he’s volunteered with over the years. MACario Belmontes Jr.’s campaign website lists family values, personal responsibility, and solid work ethic among his guiding principles. Many people in the community speak highly of him.

But don’t expect ex-wife Michelle Felan to be casting a vote for him. She recalls a physically abusive partner during their marriage that ended 10 years ago and describes him today as a deadbeat dad who owes more than $6,000 in child support payments.

“People need to know what kind of person he is,” said Felan, who was married to Belmontes from 2002 to 2004; they have two teenage children together.


Belmontes is challenging incumbent Justice of the Peace Sergio De Leon, who served as a Tarrant County constable for 11 years before being elected to the bench in 2012 in the predominantly Hispanic precinct that includes the North Side. Justices of the peace hear small claims, civil, and misdemeanor cases. The Tarrant County primary election is March 4. Both De Leon and Belmontes are Democrats.

Belmontes denied ever hitting his ex-wife. He said he’s a good father and denied owing back child support.

“I dispute it all,” he said, although he eventually acknowledged owing back child-support payments and going to court over them.

His campaign website lists his work with numerous organizations, such as North Texas Young Latino Leaders and Tejano Democrats of North Texas. His LinkedIn site lists his work background but shows no previous experience working in the judicial system, although he’s been involved in community policing issues.

He lists his current position as chairman of Community Action Partners with Fort Worth’s Parks and Community Services Department. That position, however, is voluntary. According to his online resumé, his last paid employment was as business services coordinator at Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County, a job he left in 2011. Employers are restricted in what they can say about a worker’s record, but his former supervisor described Belmontes as a “nice guy” and “good staff member.”

Contacted by Fort Worth Weekly this week, Belmontes described himself as a small business owner. When pressed for details, he said his father owns a property management business, and Belmontes works in it as needed. His father jump-started Belmontes’ campaign with a $5,000 loan.

Fort Worth school board member Ashley Paz is working on his campaign and described Belmontes as a great candidate who has spent two decades involved in his community. She had not heard about Felan’s allegations.

“I did not know about any of that, and I am very hesitant to believe any of that,” she said. She also noted that Belmontes’ two teenage children have been helping out on his campaign and seem happy to be with their dad.

“The story is not adding up for me,” she said.

Paz said she met Belmontes about a year ago when he volunteered with her campaign. She is returning the favor.

Belmontes last worked at a hotel chain in Dallas before going to work at his father’s business, he said. Records from the state attorney general’s office show that he started falling behind on child support in 2012.

Felan and Belmontes attended a hearing in Tarrant County’s 233rd District Court last Dec. 19, after he’d fallen thousands of dollars behind. Their children, ages 13 and 15, live with their mother. Belmontes was supposed to be paying $752 a month in child support but asked for and received a reduction at the December hearing, saying he’d lost his job at the hotel. He didn’t mention working for his father, Felan said.

The attorney general’s child-support division provided a financial activity report showing that Belmontes, as of Jan. 31, owed $6,794. Belmontes said that figure is based on child-support payments he missed since losing his Dallas job, and he doesn’t feel he owes that much.

“We’re trying to get a resolution on that,” he said.

Belmontes mostly paid his child support over the years, although Felan had to hound him through the attorney general’s office several times.

But the child-support debt isn’t what prompted her to speak out, Felan said. Most importantly, she said, she wanted people to know about the mental and physical abuse Belmontes dished out, the restraining order she filed against him, and his lack of interest in their children.

“What he’s presenting to the community is not who he is,” she said.

Felan was a ninth-grade student at North Side High School in 1994 when she first met Belmontes, who graduated from high school that year. He was working part time as a lifeguard at Marine Park Pool. The two struck up a poolside friendship and began dating after Felan turned 16.

“He was nice at first,” she said. “He was older and would pick me up for lunch [at school]. He would take me out to dinner. He was my first real relationship. I’d never dated anybody.”

Arguments began after she became pregnant at 17. She was six months pregnant the first time he hit her in the face, she said. They lived in Lake Worth, and she called police on several occasions but stopped cooperating with the investigations and refused to press charges, she said. Belmontes promised to change, and she believed him for a while, she said.

Their daughter was born in 1998, and a son followed in 2000. Felan and Belmontes married the next year, but the arguments continued.

“The more involved we became, the more violent he got,” she said.

Panic attacks began unnerving Felan, and she worried that the fighting would affect their toddlers. She filed for divorce in 2002, accusing Belmontes of violence and cruel treatment. A judge ordered Belmontes to leave the Lake Worth house until the case was settled.

Belmontes surprised her by showing up uninvited at the house one night, Felan said.

“He tried to force me to have sex with him,” she said. “He beat me, and he almost killed me. He choked me. He unplugged the telephone and was trying to wrap the cord around my neck and choke me because I wouldn’t give in to having sex with him.”

She said she broke free, grabbed her cell phone, and called her mother just before Belmontes grabbed the phone and broke it. But her mother had heard screams, called police, and raced to the house herself.

“The only reason I’m alive today is my mom rushed over there to help me,” Felan said.

Felan filed for an emergency protective order on Nov. 23, 2003, accusing her husband of violence, stalking, and threats.

Belmontes disputed the account. He said he never struck his wife, was never arrested, and was unaware of any restraining order.

However, the restraining order refers to Belmontes being arrested by Fort Worth police in connection with criminal attempted sexual assault. The Weekly was unable to locate the arrest report before press time. Belmontes received a copy of the restraining order on Nov. 27, 2003, according to the order.

After the divorce, Belmontes was ordered to pay child support, and his visitation schedule was every other weekend and summers. He made little effort to see the children over the years, Felan said.

Belmontes said he spent many weekends and summers with his children and was a good father to them.

In a brief conversation, the couple’s 13-year-old son said Belmontes wasn’t physically abusive toward him or his sister. But he characterized his father as mostly absent and neglectful.

“He wouldn’t even buy my medicine a couple of weeks ago when I had strep throat,” he said. “He doesn’t see us enough. He doesn’t take care of his own kids.”

In October 2011, Felan called police to report that her children had seen Belmontes counting $20,000 in cash. Felan accused him of working for cash to avoid reporting income and paying child support.

Belmontes has remarried and has a young son with his current wife.

When Felan realized Belmontes was running for office, she said, she began to wonder how a guy with child-support debt and little income was paying for a campaign. She called De Leon’s office. A volunteer with that campaign notified the Weekly.

Belmontes’ campaign finance reports from January and February show he received about $30,000 in contributions, with $25,000 of that coming from one source –– David Alameel. The wealthy Dallas dentist and candidate for the U.S. Senate is well known for his political involvement and financial support of various Democrats across the state.

De Leon said he was “floored” when he learned that Alameel was financing Belmontes’ campaign. He tried to call Alameel to discuss the situation but said Alameel didn’t return his call.

De Leon said at least two law enforcement officers contacted him after Belmontes filed as a candidate.

“They were being vague in general but were telling me that they’d handled him before and he has a history, but they wouldn’t elaborate,” he said.

Then he heard from Felan.

“She shared with us the full history that they have had,” he said. “There are a number of instances with domestic violence and, of course, the child support. Any one of those instances is a disqualifier, but in the aggregate, all those combined, that’s a major disqualifier.”

The Lone Star Project is a left-leaning political action committee that provides “fact-based political and issue analysis” to help voters make educated decisions, according to its website. The group endorsed De Leon.

“Sergio is one of the outstanding public officials in Tarrant County and in Texas,”  group president Matt Angle said. “He was an excellent constable, and as justice of the peace he immediately started doing things you’d like to see. He brought kids in with mentoring. He’s really got a bright future.”

Belmontes said he challenged De Leon because the court needs changes. For instance, the courtroom closes at 4:15 p.m., which makes it difficult for working people to attend hearings, Belmontes said.

“It should be the people’s court,” he said.

His ex-wife is making up accusations because she wants him to fail, he said.

“She is outraged that her child support was reduced,” he said. “She doesn’t want her two kids’ father to be successful.”

What kind of mother is Felan?

“She’s been a great mother,” he said. “She’s always been a great person.”


    • Easy to point the finger but this is politics as usual. A mother using her children, exposing them. Whether true or false, kids should be off limits.
      The opposition is used to this type of plays and it is expected.
      Mac is a hard worker who goes into the community.. not just picture moments.
      He has proven it for many years.. once you get to know him, you know his character.
      It sounds like someone is getting paid for this because she didn’t make complaints before,, all of a sudden.. she saw money being raised and saw dollar signs.
      Regardless of outcome we all know Mac…

      • im not using my kids he is saying he is a great father a family man will not true at all, he used them when he picked them up to take pictures to put up on his JP website when he doesn’t even see them that’s using the kids he’s a fake he probably sees them 10 times out of the year and he says he takes family vacations with the kids yea right he has never ever spent the summer with them nor takin them a dam place its always been I r my parents that have macario is a bad father a very shady person and will lie just to win I have documents to prove he’s a criminal and owes near 7000 in child support

        • It appears that every time he attempted to pick-up his children,he was in jeopardy of being arrested or being accused of some god awful crime.

          You say that he probably saw his children 10 times per year, but you’ve made more allegations then that. If you were my ex-wife I would never come closer that 100 miles. Picking-up his children and facing extreme drama each time would certainly keep me away and pray that my children would understand some day. Having to pick up my children with you at the door would be my worse nightmare.

    • Hey Timothy, read the article again. This article was biased. Mr. Belmonte was a gentleman. He didn’t fire back. This campaign ought to be decided on the issues and not hideous person attacks. In order to say what you did, you must have believed everything the ex-wife said. Why didn’t she go directly to the press? She went to Mr. Belmonte’s opponent. She went to where she thought she could do the most damage. Mr. Belmonte paid child support for many years, but that doesn’t matter. He was temporarily unemployed, as are many other Americans, and was not able to pay at the same rate. No one pays at the same rate when their unemployed–you can’t. Thanks for hearing me out.

      • Emelia or you say you are probably xiomora true macario did pay childsupport but he stopped that’s y he owes near 7000 so hes unemployed running for judge hmmm will he has kids to take care of and its hard to rais to teens alone and you know dam well he doesn’t help with anything and you make the situation worse by trying to attack me and getting involved and that’s something I would never do oh btw your a hideous person you really F!CKED up when u laid your hands on my daughter

        • Google the phrase, ” parental alienation”. It’s what happens to a child when one parent poisons the name and character of the other. That little boy knows that half of he DNA comes from his father. It often times results in real emotional damage to the child. Using your child as a prop is mean spirited and shows poor judgment.

          There seems to be no end to your allegations. Name two things that your ex-husband did wright while you were married, I’ll bet that you can’t think of even one.

          Are you really that bitter and why did you wait until he choose to run for office did you announce all of this to the entire world? I pray that one day that one day you will understand the damage you’ve done to your son. Mr. Belmonte is still his father. You’ve probably alienated this child from his father forever…

    • Timothy, your friend Sergio Deleon ran for public office three times and lost every time until he was barely elected forth try as constable. He barely defeated Jim Palmer who had a reputation as being a decent and caring person who tirelessly worked in and for the community. Deleon and his ironies conducted a slanderous and racist campaign against Mr. Palmer.

      I do not appreciated Francis Deleon, the candidate’s wife, referring to Mr. Belmonte as “Tio Taco”–uncle taco– while the candidate stood by her side and laughed. Personally I would prefer to have and individual whose fallen behind on his child support than a person who uses racism as a tactic to win. Ask his fellow students at East End High School how they feel about being called a bunch racist red-necks. In his own words he admits that the first and only paying job he’s ever had is when he got elected–constable precinct 5. Career politician, right?

      ref: Pamile White interview 2003 UTA Latin Studies. Check it out

  1. This is trash journalism Mr. Jeff Prince. Your article is biased. The ex-wife is clearly vindictive and willing to say anything to damage Mac Belmonte. She is a very extreme woman. Let’s see, in October 2011, after the, not so nice, divorce, she saw him counting out $20,000 then accused him of cheating her and the tax man. Hey, ex-wife, you forgot the serial killer part. She obviously hates him. She’s inventing stories deliberately to hurt Mr. Belmonte.

    Then Deleon called the Fort Worth Weekly and you ran with it–right. I didn’t hear Belmonte say anything bad about Deleon or his ex-wife. He showed a real class. This guy Deleon has shown bad character by exploiting a deeply private and personal family matter asking children to choose between parents. Where did the little boy get the information about his father refusing to buy medicine? My guess is it came from the mother. When folks find out that it was Sergio Deleon that prodded you to do this article it just might cost him the election. Stick to the issues and quit digging for trash.

    By the way, when did you get on a first name basis with the ex-wife?

    • I agree. I know both of them and have known them for over 20 years. I know and care for the two older kids. The mother has another child from another pervious relationship. It’s sad that she had to involve them in this. This article is funny to me totally not true. Mac is a great guy, hard worker. Even from the days of high school and college. If you knew his ex-wife and those that do, know she’s not a reliable source this was expected. The only surprise was that it took this long. She’s a gullible, bitter. No one is perfect , no father is but its even harder when your unemployed. It’s sad the things $ make people do. You fall behind paying child support and then ask for a reduction because the income is not the same as it was before. The mother now loses that income and is frustrated.That’s understandable but that’s far from being a dead beat father. Child support is for the kids to support not to live on for a family of 4.

      • Jessie why are you bashing me when your the one that told me about his business and him working for cash on the side these are not lies I would never lie about this and I have proof you even said your self “mac is shady and lies so much and its a shame he would not see his own kids” you told me this at lakewoth 24 hour fitness and im mad because I loose and live on this income lol well you have one thing right child support is for the support of the children but when I don’t get help from macario with anything at all its hard to support two teens in school and one plays sports and one in band and yes some people do fall behind on child support but it becomes near 10,000 that’s just pathetic and I don’t get any help from the father even worse and you talk about I have a child from another person well so does macario so what exactly are trying to say here let me tell you about Jonathan colon the father of our 5 year old son he’s a GREAT DAD he’s the one that helps when needed he’s a father to all of my kids has been there for mac sabien and laurashley belmontes he buys them clothes shoes ect even spends quality time with them unlike macario doesn’t
        so sounds like to me your not a very good friend to macario belmontes since you told me this about him your more like a two faced person someone that cant be trusted

        • is this what you are truly basing your allegations off of? Off he said, she said? Anyone who reads this article and these responses should see by now what two people we are reading about. A lying politician and a angry ex wife who is willing to say anything to get attention. I have been reading about lots of proof but in the article have not seen anything about dates or anything to back this story up. This is sloppy all around.

        • Now it’s $10,000. First, it was $6,000, then $7,000, then $9,000, Which is it? Let me understand, for 10 years he faithfully paid his child support and only recently did he fall behind. After faithfullly making 120 child support payments the first time he falls behind 3 payments you announce it to the world. Of course you will respond that he was late several times, but that would be a brand new allegation, wouldn’t it?

    • Hey Emelia – deeply private, personal matters become public matters when running for public office.

      A news article is by definition UNBIASED when every person named is given an opportunity to comment. This article fits that definition. Specifically, which story about Belmontes was invented by his ex wife?

      Child custody agreements dictate who is responsible for a child’s healthcare. A 13-year old boy is capable knowing who paid for his medication and also capable of knowing whose responsibility it was to pay for it.

      Your choice of words arouses my suspicion that you are probably a man going by the alias Emelia. I think you might even be an extreme man. . .

      • Giant sperm whale I totally agree I thought it might be macario himself or the wife I wish they would say who the really are and yes a 13 year old boy is old enough to know who paid for his meds and not only that lets go back to the comment he posted on FB about his dad they say I put him up to it alongwith everything else well his 13 and he has a mind of his own and im not mad at him at all for doing that might be just a lil disappointed but I have always told my kids never ever keep anything inside bottled up express and say what you feel do what makes you happy and at that moment he did what he felt and what he needed to say but very interesting macario did get his attention through face book but he wouldn’t answer his call very very sad then macario calls me cursing me out and I didn’t even know what was going on because someone had to wait two hours at the pharmacy he had me shakin out my Nikes

      • Exactly who told this 13 year old boy that his father refused to pay for medicine, The father or the mother? You’re assuming it was the father, correct. Whose making the allegations?

    • again xiomora oh sorry Emelia first of all Jeff is a great journalist second im not vindictive why would I be now we’ve been divorced since 2004 third yes kids did tell me he had a brief case full of money and yes cheating tax and cheating kids on not paying child support FOURTH I don’t hate him but I do hate that he hurts our kids by standing them up not seeing them consistently taking trips without them im doing what’s right here and im standing up for myself my kids by stating the truth he should not be running for judge and about the medicine yup I had to get it he didn’t our son was calling him and calling him but like always he never answers and btw he has never taken kids to DR nor even bought medicine for them when needed as a matter of fact I used to ask if he could take them to the DR when they were sick and he would always say no I cant so I would always be the one that has to always miss work

      • WOW! So the father never refused you purchase medicine. You concluded that based on the fact that you couldn’t reach the father by phone. You lied. He never refused, because you never spoke with him. Why is you son calling and asking for medicine, isn’t that your job?

  2. Same argument could be amass about Ramon Romero…..lacks experience, has never held an office spot, barely graduated high school, is divorced and let’s his kids party and drink underage. Aside from other shit.

  3. So DeLeon sells a story where his opponent’s ex bashes him. Typical. I’m sure Belmontes will have something nasty to say about DeLeon next. And all their little minions will come here and argue with each other. Typical sleazy politics. Must of been a slow week for political bullshit if this is the creme of the crop.

  4. I can see that Mac Belmonte campaign hacks are trolling the comments, lol. You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts. The protective order signed by the judge says Mac was arrested for criminal attempted sexual assault. Mac was served with it and yet he lies and says he has no memory of it? Then his campaign hacks attack the mother–a victim of his abuse. Attack the victim is an old tactic.

    The voters are finding out the truth. Mac is a scumbag violent jerk who likes to rough up women. He is only on the radar screen because a big-money benefactor failed to do a background check and they wrote a big check.

    How else would an unemployed deadbeat dad who does not even pick up medicine for his sick kids be a serious contender for a judicial position?

    • This is still America. Ex-wifes making allegations against their ex-husbands is not a new thing. Some women are vendictive and make false allegations to gain leverage in the courts. In this country you are innocent untill proven guilty.

      This woman makes herself look bad in this article. She’s clearly out to get this Mr. Belmontes. His son clearly said he wasn’t abusive, but then his wife said he was. Who do we believe the child or the ex-wife? The story about the medicine was down right petty. It really seems that the ex-wife poisoned her son against his father.

      This is a sad and tragic story of a very personal family matter, but what makes it really sad is a Mr. Belmonte’s opponent using this it for political purposes.

      I’m not a hack. I was thinking about votining for Mr. Deleon until now. Dirty politics on the part of either will cause me to vote for the other. I really wish Mr. Deleon had not do this.

      • Teacher: “Ex-wifes making allegations …and make false allegations to gain leverage in the courts.” Judges don’t go around signing restraining orders based on “false allegations.” Belmontes did not have anything bad to say about De Leon because this isn’t about De Leon. It’s about Belmontes and his character and judgment (or the lack thereof).

      • His son, quite clearly, said his father was not abusive to him or his sister. Read carefully.

        If someone was challenging my position as judge, claiming to be a man of family values, personal responsibility and solid work ethic and I knew that he wasn’t in fact that kind of man, I would defend my position by speaking the truth about my opponent. That’s what De Leon is doing – making things public because this is a damn public office we’re talking about. I do not see how that is sad or dirty politics. Maybe I’m just weird …

      • ook teacher everything I say is truth I have proof I have his criminal documents I make myself look bad bullshit im a strong woman for doing this and saying what’s right I was weak when I was with macario bc I let him physically mentally abuse me and not only that I do not need a fake name to leave a comment and get your facts straight our son said he was never abusive to him but to me MICHELLE FELAN he was

  5. I have volunteered for Women’s shelters in Tarrant County and I am offended that this guy could be elected to any office. It’s an outrage. Her story of physical and emotional abuse is sadly typical. And his lame excuses and lies are too.

    Why would taxpayers give this guy a position of serious responsibility when he cannot manage to honor his obligations to his own children?

    The final outrage is to have her courageous decision to tell the truth about this man is mocked and attacked by obvious political plants.

    Shame on you.

  6. De Leon has proven himself through years of public service and commitment to the community showing integrity, respect, passion, and honesty; you’ll be hard-pressed to argue on that note. We must keep in mind that a proven track record, and experience will give you as a voter some guidance on how to vote. This in turn, provides us as a voter a glimpse of what to expect in the future by said vote. “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Albert Einstein….

  7. Besides the sexual assault charge which kept him from being on the campus where his children went to school, he also has a felony conviction. He was arrested on 05/02/92 of felony auto theft. He sounds like a real jewel of a candiate, No real job, criminal background. Maybe we should send him to Washington with those other elected officials.

    • That was 22- years ago. Mac Belmonte was all of 16. He was a child.

      He was arrested and given a restraining order on his ex-wife’s statement.

      The Judge did not make his decision on guilt or innocence; he made it on something called “Probable Cause”. The restraining order was based wholey or largle on the ex-wifes testimony. The Judge would not have base his decision on guilt or innocence.

      The District Attorney’s Office is agressive when it comes to prosecuting domestic abuse, rape and attempted rape cases and certainly would have prosecuted Mr. Belmontes if there were any facts to support the ex-wife’s allegations. They will prosecute even if the ex-wife refused to cooperate.

      I would never put the ex-wife on the witness stand. Her aggression and hate would poison her case. I really don’t think a jury would find her credible.

  8. This article raised a real question: Who solicited this poor guy to run? Who LIED to him? For example, what does this say about someone trying to run for U.S. Senate? This Dr. Alameel can’t even do his background research on candidates he dumps 25K to. What makes us think he will have enough sense to do research on bills we’d like for him to pass for Texas? Thanks, but no thanks. If you don’t know how to spend your money, here’s a novel idea: DONATE IT TO A CHARITY, or simply worry about your own race! DUH! Dr. Alameel, you should do some RESEARCH or at the bare minimum surf the internet, Google it, WHATEVER, or if you have so much money, PAY someone to do the research for you! You’ve got almost 18 others to worry about in that race (4 of them Democrats)! However, after reading about your ignorant campaign donations, I’m sure your opponents are not worried about you anymore! They are laughing out loud.

    • In no way shape or form am I defending Belmontes. Shame on him for doing what he did and then having the nerve to deny it or having no recollection of it! You can’t be that ignorant. And, if you are, then you really have no business presenting yourself as a good candidate for office!

      • You must repeat yourself a lot and don’t get the concept of the “obvious”. I hope you realize that it’s obvious that I in no way, shape, or form ridiculing your inability to understand this concept.

  9. Wow, I have a yard sign for Mr. Belmontes in my yard. He came to my door a while back and I thought he was a nice guy. However, now I’m rethinking my choice not just because of these allegations, which may or may not be true (I’ll believe it when I see a document), but because he told me he was a business owner. He lied to me, he doesn’t own a business, his father owns it. It’s not the same thing.

  10. Wow, I have a yard sign for Mr. Belmontes in my yard. He came to my door a while back and I thought he was a nice guy. However, now I’m rethinking my choice not just because of these allegations, which may or may not be true (I’ll believe it when I see a document), but because he told me he was a business owner. He lied to me, he does not own a business, his father owns it. It is not the same thing.

    • I re-thought too. and decided to stay with Mac. I found him to be very professional and intelligent. I don’t expect candidates to be perfect. If he made a mis-step it’s probably because he’s not a polished professional politican like his opponent. We do know that after years in office his opponent has done little for the community but talk and recieve his fat paycheck. I expect more our of our public servants.

  11. Expecting this angry woman to tell the truth about a man that she onced loved but now hates is not believable. She’s not credible.

    Mr. Reporter, check this out:Sergio’s Deleon’s personal friend, Manual Valdez, openly bragged about being a gang member before he became judge. So why didn’t Deleon call you (or another) and have that investigated if he was so worried about the kids. Gangs move and sell drugs; they corrupt our kids and destroy families. It appears that he didn’t want to “snich out” his best friend.

    If Deleon is such a civic minded person then why does he cherry pick who he wants to expose. It wasn’t a civic minded citizen who call the reported, it was Deleon. So who should we vote for: a slime bag professional politician or someone with a serious domestic problem. I vote for none of the above and lots of people agree with me, I promise.

    That’s why more good people don’t seek office–someone might discover that they’re not perfect and that some biased reporter might destroy their wife.

    It didn’t appear that Mr. Belmontes is angry or agressive in the article. He could have said a lot about his exwife but didn’t. I respect that. Mr. Belmontes may have been the best Justice of the pease ever, but it’s likely we’ll never know. Not beng perfect excludes almost all of us. Let’s all vote for none of the above.

    • Where do you get off calling Sergio De Leon a slime bag professional politician? You sound like a friend of his opponent to be just casually throwing out childish names. Good luck keeping up with one week of De Leon’s schedule. I see him regularly at my neighborhood association late into the evening waiting as we work through the agenda so he can make an announcement and be available for questions.

      I also see him at my neighborhood night out event. When he was Constable, he provided security during Halloween and at School Fall Festivals.

      He is, in my experience, the definition of a public servant.

      Macario needs a job, I get that. But he could not pass a basic background check. I’m sure it hurts his friends and buddies to see the truth about their guy. But the voters deserve to know this.

    • Where do you get off calling Sergio De Leon a slime bag professional politician? You sound like a friend of his opponent to be just casually throwing out childish names. Good luck keeping up with one week of De Leon’s schedule. I see him regularly at my neighborhood association late into the evening waiting as we work through the agenda so he can make an announcement and be available for questions.
      I also see him at my neighborhood night out event. When he was Constable, he provided security during Halloween and at School Fall Festivals.

      He is, in my experience, the definition of a public servant.

      Macario needs a job, I get that. But he could not pass a basic background check. I’m sure it hurts his friends and buddies to see the truth about their guy. But the voters deserve to know this.

    • I dont know macario or the ex but i do know that their son goes to school with my son and he has told my son that he wishes his dad would change, he wishes his dad would love him. Thats is sad!

      • This comment is like many other comments but is noteworthy because it illustrates the ugly side of political campaigns, specifically the nasty personal attacks and the gossip mongering that do great damage to members of a candidate’s family who have nothing to do with the election or the issues. This must be why the incumbent chose to utilize his local media contacts–confident they will publish a story that put his opponent in the worst light based on admittedly incomplete fact-checking and accusations from a person with a serious grudge, with the most questionable part being the choice to report the verifiable fact that the subject had been issued a restraining order but ignoring the important question related to that restraining order:why is there no reporting to explain why he was not prosecuted for such a serious allegation. Interviewing and quoting a vulnerable child to help pile on against the subject, who obviously was/is no angel, is almost unheard of among serious professional journalists. At least make an attempt at trying to offer some semblance of balance by mentioning that the first- term incumbent has clear political and financial motives (six figure salary + extra income from weddings, etc.) for pushing these allegations (and facts + not yet verified/explained “facts”). Bottom line:why rush a story with such serious implications for several people, including children, without doing a little more research…not just about the allegations but about the accuser and the incumbent (was he falling behind in polling? has he used such tactics before?) along with a clear picture of their relationship. BTW, the incumbent attended his kids’ carnivals as a parent and nominal PTA officer while wearing his badge and pistol. There was official security, FWPD, present each time.

  12. I have known Macario Belmontez since middle school and we have remained close friends for over 20yrs. I’ve always known Mac to be a hard working individual. I remember when Mac was a Senior in High School, he worked a second shift full time job to help his mom who had went through a divorce around that time. Mac has two older brothers who haven’t always followed a straight path. One of his brothers served 20 years in prison and his other bother has had run ins with the law for over 18 years until he found the Lord and straighten his life out. I believe Mac has always challenge himself to be a better person.

    Mac’s girl friend Michelle, a very pretty girl but that’s about all I can say about her. I remember her as being disrespectful, having behavior issues, and nasty attitude. One day while they were dating Mac and I had been hanging out. I think Michelle had been hanging out with her sister when she spotted us. Michelle approached us on foot at a red light while we were in my truck. She ran across two lanes of non moving traffic and started arguing with Mac in the middle of the street when the light turned green, I remember I was holding up traffic up so I attempted to go, Michelle jumped in through my truck window. Mac maintained his calm and asked me to drop them off at Michelle’s moms house. He apologized to me for her behavior. Another time Mac asked me and another friend for some help, he was going to get his things from his future mother in law’s house where he had been staying. He was able to get some things into his car before Michelle came out yelling. He was telling her to go back inside. I guess he also tried to give her the house key when she snatched his car keys and ran inside the house and lock the door. I think this lasted for about 30 minutes. Mac was knocking on the door. He was asking for his keys so he could leave. The police showed up, turns out Michelle had called the cops on Mac because she was upset. She told the officer Mac had a gun in his car. She was trying to get him in trouble, it had been one of the items Mac had just retrieved and temporally stored in his car. Nothing happen because we were there as witnesses and Mac was just trying to get his things and leave. Does that sound irrational or just plain crazy. Those should have been signs but Mac eventually married her. I guess when it comes to loving someone, the heart out weighs the brain. Even more recent after their divorce, Mac volunteered as a football coach to be able to spend more time with his son. His son ended up quiting the team cause mom would not take him to practice.

    I have also had the opportunity to work with Mac in the North Side Community since 1996. We’ve held various jobs together: we worked for Tarrant County Crime Commission; AmeriCorps, U.S. Justice Department, Boys and Girls Club Coming Up Gang Intervention Program, Tarrant County Advocate Juvenile Probation Program and Marine Park Pool. The difference between Mac and I was that towards the end of the time we had spent working together he was already financially supporting his family, for most of their marriage he was the sole provider while Michelle was a stay at home mom.

    I’ve seen women calling Mac a dead beat dad for not paying child support. He doesn’t work at the same place anymore and his income has changed. They are in process of making adjustments to his payments. What do you call a mom that doesn’t live by her own earnings, spends more than she should and has more than one baby daddy? Don’t apply your own or your friends situation to this case. I can assure you Mac takes care of his kids.

    I’ve seen Mac through ups and downs. I congraulate him, he has attended and graduated from Texas Weslyn University. He is now remarried has a 1yr old son. He has a very nice, well mannered and intelligent wife. He has been actively working on his campaign and volunteering his time to numerous causes. Trying to get a respectable and good paying job as a Judge so he can take care of his wife and kids. May I say more!

    • Wow. Needing a respectable, good paying job to take care of your wife and kids is not a reason to run for public office. I can’t emphasize this enough.

      • Why not be honest? Do you think the other candidates running for political office put so much time, energy, and money into their campaign without seeing the various ways that holding the position benefits them and even their family, friends, and business associates? Like most non legislature related positions, judges and justice of the peace are fighting for A FULL TIME JOB paying up to the six figures, a pretty good compensation considering the JP position requires no expensive legal degree or law license nor legal experience.

    • cesar this is BULLSHIT yea right like I would do something like imped traffic and jump in through your window if I ran out of a car impeding traffic I was probably trying to get away from macario he was probably trying to beat me and if I did call the cops on him its because he did something to me that caused pain or bodily injury as for me not taking our son to foot ball practice I would always go because I would run at that park our son mac didn’t want to play because it was taking the time away from him practicing band he loves band and still is today in band he doesn’t have a passion to play sports nor will I force him to I let my kids do what makes them happy as long as its not breaking the law or doing anything illegal

      • There you go again. What’s up with you and the word “BULLSHIT”
        I’ll bet your children pick up on that word too.

  13. Folks if you are going to talk about someone please share your name. There is no point in hiding. Voters want to hear the truth and facts from real people. No one wants biased opinions. It’s obvious this was put out for a political gain. Lets just hope people see it and realize the moves De Leon is doing.

  14. Aside from the allegation that Mr. Belmontes abused his ex wife and neglected his children. You should have a problem with the fact that MAC left a good job to pursue a job as a volunteer and ” work as needed” for his dad and then asks to lower his child support. While admittedly behind on child support, he borrows money to jump start his career as a judge with zero experience. Had the Belmonte’s campaign had mud to sling, rest assured they would have.

    • left a good job nope he was fired he was on unemployment for a long while and then working for this business he has or his father has HELL we don’t even know the truth whose business it is he lies so much but being on unemployment and working for cash on the side and not reporting it to unemployment is illegal and can be fined or put in prison so should I call twc and report him FYI he was fired because he got served at work when it should’ve been at the privacy at his own home but they couldn’t because he and his wife knew what it was for and it was to have child support to be increased so they ignored the constable so they went to his job at the Omni what a great person macario is and his wife xiomora

      • So you got him fired and then are now complaining that he can’t pay child support? That is essentially what you just said. I’m just glad I’m not in this JP District. This race sounds nightmarish and so does the ex-wife. She sounds like a bitter, angry shrew who isn’t above using her children or the police to punish Belmontes. Frankly, whatever documents she has are suspect in my book and I really hate to say that about another woman who has made such serious abuse claims. But, how can anyone take her seriously? Her filing a police report or testifying in court to get a restraining order that she is now offering as proof doesn’t make her testimony true. It could be true or from what we’ve seen here from her in the comments, more likely, she’s developed a pattern of lashing out and using whatever means necessary to hurt this man, true or not. It’s extremely sad and I feel sorry for her children having their private lives exposed in this embarrassing way.

        Oh, and before the ex has a fit at my post and accuses me of being some relative, no I’m just a reader who saw an interesting article and a sad and embarrassing display b a very bitter person and just couldn’t resist commenting. That makes me a voyeur but not family or friend.

      • Sure, if your a fan of negative campaigns. I think you’ve beat up on Mr. Belmonte enough. Now Let’s talk about why Deleon is taking campaign contributions from the worse slum lords in town, a real a cancer on out community. B & G rental Hemphill Street.

      • Only the ignorant are going to blame Ms. Felan. It took courage to come out publicly with her story knowing some were going to put this back on her. Mr. Belmontes is now calling this guy a slumlord because he refused to let him put his signs on his properties. Pay your child support Mr belmontes. It’s expensive to raise children. You raised atleast 30 grand for your campaign that you should lose. Can’t you raise 7 grand for your kids? I don’t know Ms. Felan personally, but thanks for sharing what kind of person Mac is.

        • No, only the ignorant accept Ms. Felan at face value given the performance she has put on here. It is embarrassing and shameful. If her ex really did those things then shame on him and certainly he should not be JP. But Ms. Felan has gone far beyond relating facts and into crazy calling her charges seriously into question. Her behavior on here is not only embarrassing but shameful.

      • Only the ignorant are going to blame Ms. Felan. It took courage to come out publicly with her story knowing some were going to put this back on her. Mr. Belmontes is now calling this guy a slumlord because he refused to let him put his signs on his properties. Pay your child support Mr Belmonte’s. It’s expensive to raise children. You raised at least 30 grand for your campaign that you should lose. Can’t you raise 7 grand for your kids? I don’t know Ms. Felan personally, but thanks for sharing what kind of person Mac is.

  15. It is very concerning that this candidate has zero experience for the position he is seeking. His stories don’t add up. He has told several of us different stories on his work background and current employment situation. I cannot in good conscious vote for someone who cannot provide a clear work history which shows relevant experience. Voters, do your homework, ask the tough questions. You will come to our same conclusion. He is way in over his head.

  16. He told me he owned his own business when he came to my door. Now I know he made it up.
    Also I don’t care how crazy his ex wife was, there is never an excuse for rape.

  17. Question. Is there going to be a story about who has been pocketing the money for the

    The Crime Control and Prevention District Board, made up of the council members and Price, is expected to approve the May election for the CCPD tax renewal Thursday.

    Other than the crime of padding the overtime checks for the thug police, is this tax really doing anything good?

  18. If you knew anything about politics you would know that it usually a bunch of made up lies… Politicians say whatever sounds good. Whatever gets the votes, understand? Also, you can’t believe everything you read. I just find it hard to believe what Ms. Felan is stating in this article, if Mr. Belmontes is such a negative person and doesn’t practice good character then what do you say about all his past accomplishments? Volunteer work, having multiple careers, attending AND graduating from a respected university is NOT something that rapist, dead beat dads, bad people do in my world. This is obviously a one sided article. #TeamBelmontes

    • Aaliyah made up lies nope I have proof would you like to see the criminal documents I have like police reports someone running for judge should not have a criminal record nor be behind on child support like macario bemontes

      • Michelle, I don’t know Macario Belmontes personally. But it upset me that a ex-wife would say such things, even if its true. Only to harm a man or father public image. We (The People or Voters) know that there two sides to every story.

        There no need to defame an individual base on a relationship. For example Wendy Davis her ex-husband said she left her young daughters in order to go to Harvard university.

        I am (not) going to vote for Belmontes because what you are saying.But because I know Mr. Deleon personally he has the experience , know how, moral bearing. To continue being a excellent judge and roll model for our young people.

      • If you read what i wrote you would clearly see that i never said what you stated was a lie. What i did say was that politics is a bunch of made up lies. It is a fact. I strongly believe that there is a time and place for everything and it is beyond me why someone would go through so much to bring someone down and put themselves out there to the public. But everyone is different. #TeamBelmontes

  19. Michelle, sweet. Please stop this. The people who love your family want to see you succeed. You are a beautiful girl, but you are so full of hate. Look at what you are doing to your children. Those of us who have known you kids since you were babies yourselves are very concerned. Macario is a good boy, and you are a good girl. But please stop attacking the father of your children. This is very harmful for the children. And your poor mother is beside herself.

    • If I read your statement correctly, you’re saying that the candidate you support and praise as having good character and experience/knowledge of the law would have abused his position as a constable with a badge, gun, and handcuffs to violate his political opponent’s constitutional and legal rights, as well as laws and policies regulating constables? You do realize that constables have narrow duties and authority, mostly arising out of the local precinct of the Justice of the Peace which deals with minor legal issues such as truancy, evictions, and serving papers related to small claim suits and bench warrants every so often. Child support is a “big boys” legal issue that comes out of the state’s top law enforcement official the Attorney General whose officials follow strict procedures, such as serving notice of legal complaint which are then handled by a state district court. All kinds of legal steps have to be met before a person is arrested, with a warrant from a district judge with jurisdiction over the subject matter of child support, so that they could answer the charges before an appropriate judge. I hope you misstated, or I misunderstood your meaning, because if true and accurate such a lawless attitude would make your candidate unfit, morally and otherwise, from holding a position where he is trusted to make decisions that are fair, moral, and legal– especially when he could issue orders to have families tossed out into the streets and ordering people to pay up to $10K in civil disputes before him.

  20. I don’t know either of the families involved. However, the language used by both sides is childish, grammatically inept, and deplorable.

    If either of you are trying to sway the other side, you haven’t done it. This back and forth makes both of you appear immature and vindictive. Do yourselves a favor and stop commenting. You keep losing ground each time you type another horribly written sentence.

    How embarrassing for your children to see how mom and dad are behaving. Great role models!

    • Not sure what you’ve been reading but based on a sober reading of these ugly back and forth comments, only the mother/ex-wife is openly airing dirty family laundry, including naming the children and others close to the family. Granted the husband could be making comments using pseudonym/s, but it’s difficult to make that case since no commenter so far has made statements that match the ex-wife’s tone and specificity. Clearly, friends and supporters of the husband has commented along with people who support the husband’s political opponent. If you’re going to make assumptions, they should have some good basis in facts and reality.

  21. Medrano my sister is not hateful or being hateful.

    She is simply telling the truth about Mr. Belmontes.
    He has no family values at all what so ever.

    And please do not use my family or my mother in your replies!!!

  22. This is exactly the kind of low-life political crap which is so prevalent in FWISD. Sergio is old guard, corrupt, do-nothing for the community, candidate. A bitter ex-wife should not sway people who desire change and representation in their community. Why do the same people keep getting elected? Because they are bottom feeders who will dredge up anything on anyone and attempt to defame them. Vote for change. Vote for Belmontes.

  23. Just my two cents from reading all of this drama. This particular candidate is not worthy of our votes. He has so many inept people responding on his behalf. And the ex-wife is just as incompetent in her messages. What a mess. If the people responding here are the types of people he has as friends, help us all. This entire family needs some help. The children are the most scathed in this entire mess.

    Most importantly, what are this man’s credentials? and why has he felt the need to lie about them. On more than one occasion he has fabricated his experience. Why the need to do so? Unless he has none and feels that he is unqualified. Poor guy needs to figure out how to hold down a job first and be upfront about it.

    And it’s time for ex-wife to let go of all her resentment. She looks like an immature high-schooler to the those of us reading her words on this forum. Unfortunately, those types of attitudes seem all to prevalent in some communities.

  24. A Candidate for the People!

    People it doesn’t take a lot of creativity to come up with a better slogan than something out of a Cesar Chavez campaign from 1974. A candidate for the people is so lame.

    How about something like, ” I will draw the line at the Parker-Tarrant County line and no illegal aliens will be allowed to come across that line into Tarrant County. That will be the new border or something to get the public’s attention.

    • About that line, will you provide the map with exact coordinates and such legal specificity? Should one use chalk, paint, or something else to draw that important line? Is patrolling county lines to keep out Parker County citizens from “coming into Tarrant county” a new duty of a Justice of the Peace with jurisdiction only over the precinct inside the county that the public doesn’t know about? Why all the animosity toward our neighbors and fellow citizens from Parker County that you’d label them “illegal” and want to stop them from coming into Tarrant County– even if they’re just passing through using the highway to get to other counties in this and other states? How about the slogan ” A candidate for a good job…for ME!”??

  25. A JP Court is for the following:
    1. Lawsuits less than $10,000
    2. Eviction And Possession (The usual way an eviction is granted is past due rents)
    3. Marriages
    With that being said, Mr. MACario Belmontes Jr. was
    1. Arrested for the theft of a vehicle in the amount between $750 and $20,000 in 1992
    2. Owes back due Child Support
    3. Filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2003
    4. Has a Sexual Assault charge which resulted in a restraining order
    Mr. MACario Belmontes Jr. is running for the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5, it appears his responsibilities to the citizens of Precinct 5 would not be in line with the life choices Mr. Belmontes Jr. has made in his life. Voters need factual information on their candidates. These are documented facts through the Courts.

    • Your name is FactCHecker, right? Check your facts. Allegations from a bitter and estranged ex are not facts, they’re called allegations. I’ve read every comment Michelle Falen made, She has certainly damaged her credibility by her own words. Her story keeps changing.

      For example, the son said that his father refused to buy medicine; but then, she says that her son wasn’t able to reach his father by phone to even ask. Of the thousands of legitimate reasons for being out of pocket, Falen chose the dark side.

      If the son wasn’t able to reach his father than how could he have refused him? You apparently concluded that Falen isn’t out to get Mr. Belmonte and wouldn’t say anything to destroy this man.

      Fact check Sergio Deleon and his relationship with the worse sum-lord in town–B&G rental. That’s a story Jeff Prince ought to do–the damage this hideous companies is doing to our neighborhoods. Shame on Sergio Deleon.

      I hope Falen continues to make comments; she embellishes, and adds new allegations each time. What will she say next? What ever she says will surely appear on Sergio Deleon’s next mail-out. So much for dirty politics and negative campaigns.

      • These are just simple things that can be verified by a simple background check, meaning they are from court records, and just facts

    • Good job on reporting what you found. However, you should be fair and explain what some of the ominous sounding facts really mean based on reason and our basic constitutional rights, especially the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and how each ultimately ended because not all cops are honest nor prosecutors, accusers, and judges. For example, he was arrested and charged with theft– but was he tried and found guilty or not. If not,then it was a baseless arrest/charge that was forced to be dropped or he was tried and found not guilty of the charge. Or else, why say he was “arrested for theft” instead of “he was convicted of theft…and received….as sentence for the crime he committed”? Plus, he was a teenager boy when this occurred over two decades ago. Teen boys often do dumb stuff, which is not the same as criminal activity. Not sure, but I think Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one where you ask the court for help in setting up a plan to repay all your valid debts and obligations, as opposed to Chapter 11 in which you agree to allow the court to liquidate all your nonexempt assets to pay off as much of your debt as possible and discharge the remainder you cannot pay (worse than a payment plan morally speaking). Bankruptcy is not good but it’s legal and can happen to good and even responsible people when life circumstances like prolonged unemployment or major illness force them into a deep hole. He may have just filed but did not follow through, which simply means he had financial issues at the time and at some point try to resolve them via bankruptcy court. But no indication, he actually went through it, much less completed (or violated) the process. Child support is serious but he did provide an explanation and documented evidence that could be plausible.

  26. Looks like all the defending for Mr. Belmontes has to be family or his wife Xiomara .
    If Mr. Belmontes was so INNOCENT why is his defenders trying to attack Miss Felan .

    He has a felony background, owes child support, try to rape his ex-wife, had a restraining order on him, does not spend family time with his two teenage children.

    Mr. Belmontes children are 13 And 15, so why is everyone making it seem like his kids are babies. These children knows who buys them medicine, and they are old enough to contact their father. And I am sure they know foul language and I know your teenage kids know it too .
    So do not make Miss. Felan the bad person here. She is not the one running for JP!!
    The truth and facts are there!!
    His wife Xiomara is no better!

    • Because she’s putting her stuff out there. She’s coming off as a vindictive, hateful person, she’s really damaged her credibility. Read her comments then you decide. She needs to think before she speaks. Her hate and aggression is making Mr. Belmonte look like the victim. I wouldn’t know Ms. Xiomara if I bumped into her. I just thought I would comment. If you want I’ll Shut-up.

  27. The lesson at the end of the day: Kids, PLEASE stay in school and do not sleep through your ELA classes! One day, you may want to use proper grammar to defend yourself or someone you love! How embarrassing! Our culture has lost major points from this article/comment section alone!

  28. Interesting article, but why is there no mention of his criminal past? I’m surprised that hasn’t come up. Interesting.