The Fort Worth nerdcore rap artist formerly known as MC Router was on Dr. Phil today with her mother, who’s worried that her daughter, a recent Islam convert, will become a terrorist. In 2007, we profiled Router (“And Now, Wearing the Geeksta Crown …”), born Kristen Ritchie and now known as Abby, and discussed her immense talent and her novelty as a woman in a predominantly male-centric artform. The 27-year-old Arlington Heights grad converted to Islam a few years ago, not long after she guested on Rivercrest Yacht Club’s new, long-in-the-making album Aquanaughty and, evidently, while still searching for an identity.

“She got into being Goth, and then she went into the military,” Abby’s mother Darlene told the good doctor. “She started swing dancing. Then she became a rapper. Then she got interested in Dutch people. She learned Dutch and changed her name to Krisje.”

Abby’s plan now is to move to Saudi Arabia after finishing school.


Dr. Phil asked the former rapper for her thoughts about America. “I appreciate the freedoms here and stuff, but it’s not my cup of tea,” she said. “I like being around old culture and traditions, and I think America is just kind of a big melting pot, and there’s not a whole lot of tradition here. … I’m just bored here, I guess. I mean, who knows? I could move somewhere and then miss America.”


  1. Hey guys this is Abby “Router” ..Kristin..whatever.

    Haha I didn’t think you guys would even remember me. Just wanted to say it’s not an identity issue, I have been Muslim 2 years now and I am sticking with it, I just like to travel and experience new things, but the Islamic thing isn’t going away 🙂

    Love you guys <3

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    • As-Salaamu `alaykum Abby,

      May Allaah bless you for your efforts to near yourself to Him, The Almighty.

      I would like to bring to your attention that your decision to move out of the Fort Worth area, or anywhere away from your family, may be detrimental to your efforts. In fact, it is in opposition to the message of Islam.

      The fact that your mother is alive means that your gateway to heaven is still open.

      A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship?
      The Prophet (PBUH) said: Your mother.

      The man said, ‘Then who?’
      The Prophet said: Then your mother.

      The man further asked, ‘Then who?’
      The Prophet said: Then your mother.

      The man asked again, ‘Then who?’
      The Prophet said: Then your father.
      (Quoted from Bukhari, Muslim)

      A man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said:
      “(Then) stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet.”
      (Quoted from Al-Tirmidhi)

      On another occasion, the Prophet said: “God has forbidden for you to be undutiful to your mothers.”
      (Quoted from Sahih Al-Bukhari)

      Jazaaki llaahu khayran was-salaamu `alaykum
      (May Allaah reward you with good and peace be upon you),

      Sunny Salman Jamil

      • Huh. Are you saying that Islam teaches that this young lady, or any Muslim young woman for that matter, has to be with or go through her mother in order to enter heaven?

        Am I safe to conclude that this is the case since her response to your admonishment was that it’s okay since “she’ll be with me”? What happens if her mum were to die?

        I’m confused and just want to understand and learn. Like Muslim men cannot go fight in a war if his mother is alive and has to wait until after she’s dead? Most men would be kinda old since most mums can live to be pretty old.

        • Hello Mikey,
          yes the prophet said these things that brother Sunny Ibn Salman have mentioned, but I am with a disagreement of what he says that living away from family is not with agreement of Islam.

          Family and especially parents are very important in Islam. a son or daughter should try their best to be kind and gentle with their parents even at the times of disagreement. no matter what is the religion of the parents, the Muslim man or woman should always keep in mind not to hurt the parent (but that does not mean being a 100% with agreement with them, we all know its an impossible request to always agree with someone).

          There are rights to the children due by the parents and there are rights to the parents due by their sons and daughters. hence, and as long as a parent or both parents have an adult son or daughter, they should never be mistreated when getting old or, for example, put in a nursing home (unless there is some kind of a condition that needs a special care).

          after knowing that, it might be easier to understand what did the prophet (pbuh) mean by asking the man if his mother is still alive. the man wanted the reward of going to war and fight for the rights of Muslims but the prophet showed him even a greater source of good deeds and that is by taking care of the needs of his old mother. now, that doesn’t mean that all his siblings, if he had any, have to stay! as long as at least one can do the job then that is perfectly fine.

          I don’t know about Abby’s situation and if she is the only child of her mother or not, but tonight i have watched her interview with Dr. Phil and I’ve seen her mother is in a very good health and can walk and talk perfectly fine and is not that old plus living in a society that can provide means of comfort so I don’t think its going to be wrongful of Abby to leave her side.. I’m just making Abby as an example here..

    • I think it will be cool to go to a Muslim country for a bit.
      If you are going to get a scholarship in Saudi even better.
      You wont have financial worries so can concentrate on your studies.
      I went to Syria to study Islam and Arabic just before I started university. It isn’t just about learning Islam.
      It also gives you some time out, to decide what you want to do with your life.
      Here in the UK, loads of kids take a year out after school and just before University to find themselves, figure out who they are.
      It isn’t such a big deal if your mum doesn’t come with you, because these days their are phones and skype. And she is just a air ticket away when ever you want to go back.
      Well with a lot of these scholarships, they give year a yearly return ticket to visit home.
      My only advice to you, is while you are in America do a English teaching qualification. CELTA is the best. So just encase you want to work there you can.

    • ASC sister,
      First, I would like to congratulate that Allah guide you to the right path. Sister and yes I call you sister know coz we’re all brother according to Islam. Let me tell you this you are one of the luckiest person in the world. Because once you convert to Islam Allah would all your past sins and forgives you. So, you don’t have to worry about the tattoos and staffs like you had before Islam. Know sister, I would like to encourage you to learn more about Islam and go through it. Just learn step by step until you become convertible with your self. I mean next time when non-Muslims ask you anything about Islam you would know enough about the religion. Finally, Don’t worry about your mother, If Allah wish, He will guide her to the true religion. Just show her respect and wish for her a better life. I’m happy to see that you become a Muslim by the will of God. So don’t stop here continue learning and practicing on your daily basis. May All Forgave us bless us to His Paradise. Insha-allah! Thanks! Adam,

    • congrats sister Abedah may Allah always guide you and keep you on the straight path. you searched for him and he opened your eyes to the truth alhamdollilah. i saw you on dr phil you really inspired me. i pray your mother sees the truth like you did very soon insha allah.

    • Glad to hear you’re doing well! I always wonder about guests after they leave the Dr. Phil show. Often times we never get a follow-up.

    • nd i watched ure story on.dr.phill.i would like to add.u on FB?would like to be ure friend.its too bad america views.islam soo in canada people respect eachother nd its more.multicultural nd.

    • nd i watched ure story on.dr.phill.i would like to add.u on FB?would like to be ure friend.its too bad america views.islam so negativly 🙁

  2. Hi Abbey
    I am prout of you
    Welcome to Islam
    Not sure what you want to go to saudi?
    You can practice Islam anywhere,
    Also wanted to Know what make you convert to religion of peace

  3. Assalamu alaikum. Hello & peace.
    congratulations one more time we are proud of you.
    Your brother. Abdallah Elaqori

  4. Assalamu ‘alaikum Abby. May Allah finds u a partner worthy of yr deen, grants hidayah to yr mom n may Allah preserves yr iman with istiqamah, aameen

  5. Seriously Ive seen some of your videos and you seem like you just want to seek attention, new phase, Im going tobe a muslim for awhile, you are making the rest of us look bad who are serious about the deen with your pictures and silly blogs,

    • amirah. who are you to judge her intentions. its Allah who has made her go through those many phases and guided her to islam. be supportive

  6. And another thing these people dont care about you, its only because you were famous that they are willing to help. Ive seen other reverts who are also new to islam and sincere about there deen, who other muslims turn there backs on. I mean the difference is that you are famous and they are not. So now you are going to get tons of followers.

    • Why are you so pessimistic about human beings ??!! It’s not true what you’re saying. There is natural good in all of us & we all wish the help the needy.
      Being generous is very important, especially for Muslims. We must encourage and help each other, and not just Muslims. If you need any help sister Amirah. I am at your service, whether you are a new convert or a born Muslim or even a non Muslim. You’re welcome my sister in Islam and my sister in humanity 🙂

  7. Assalam O alaikum Dear Aabida!
    I am Happy to see the video on Youtube! One thing I would like to say to you. “Congratulation Sister AaBida,U are Lucky”. You have been succeeded 🙂 .From Pakistan! Fee Aman’Allah!

  8. Assalamualaikum. Welcome to Islam dear sister. May Allah bless you with His choicest blessings and keep you always in the state of increasing Iman. InshaAllah. I am a student of the Quran and hadith and at times I listen to the speeches of the scholars and it helps me understand and follow Allah’s religion correctly. You too can watch brother Nouman, Saeed Ragae , Mufti menk among many others on any discussion. 🙂 Love you and do pray for me ,as all your previous sins has been washed away and you are as pure as a new born . Alhamdulillah.

  9. There is nothing honorable about Islam or Muhammad. Muhammad banged a nine year old girl. He also invaded the peaceful city of Mecca and destroyed other religions’ house of worship. Today this would be called intolerance. Fuck Islam. Fuck Muhammad

  10. Assalamualikum abby
    I saw u on youtube, u are very strong women and u have a great faith, istiqomah with dien islam, may Allah swt, bless u, and give guide to your mom’s (hidayah), no matter she not a muslim u must keep good relationship with your mom.
    Dadang, a big fans from indonesia haa.. its joke.
    will u come to my country, your presiden obama childood places, haa..!
    wasalam mualaikum,

  11. @john johnson may the Almighty punish you,you will be in hell fiddunya wal Akhira. Waiyazubillah. Laanallahu alaika(may God anger be upon you)loser.

    • shafa. you know that curse reverts back to you.its either you are misinform3d or you chose ignorance.either way the deen is not for you alone but for human kind. Alllah has guided her.if you have a problem with that i guess you have a wrong version and vision of islam

  12. Slm Abby router just i said masha allah when i saw your history praise be to allah to give you good understanding
    May allah protect you all bad things

  13. How does Abby think about the violent parts of the Koran against non_Muslims?? How does she think about the laws of the Sharia, which are very discriminating against non_Muslims? How does Abby thinks about gays who deserve the dead penalty in Saoudi Arabia?? How does Abby think about the dead penalty for apostasy in Saoudi Arabia?? She probably doesn’t care about these violent acts against non-Muslims as arrogant as she is.

  14. al salon alaikom
    I have watched the dr phill interview, you are genuinely amazing and honest, i loved when you said you love the freedom but is not what uou are looking for now , godbless you

  15. Dear Abby!
    As a Muslim I welcome you to Islam and happy to hear about you and your conversion into Islam. Where are you know? I would like to see you.
    please email me and let me know if I can be of any help.
    Dec. 9, 2014 my email :

  16. mashallah…ISLAM is a religion of peace n love and also away of life……remember the paradise is under the feet of our lovely mothers….

  17. I have watched the dr phill interview, you are genuinely amazing and honest, i loved when you said you love the freedom but is not what uou are looking for now , godbless you

  18. Ive seen some of your videos and you seem like you just want to seek attention, new phase, Im going tobe a muslim for awhile, you are making the rest of us look bad who are serious about the deen with your pictures and silly blogs,