The game of baseball is as American as apple pie. Actual baseballs, however, are made overseas.

Same with Barbie dolls, Levi jeans, Converse shoes, and many other seemingly all-American products. Remember those old Radio Flyer red wagons that kids have played with for about 100 years? Made in China since 2004.

The Made in America Expo supports American-made products and jobs, and organizers are looking for an anthem song to depict that spirit. The expo will be held in May at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center.


The contest is open to anyone between the ages of 16 (with parental consent) and 109 (I doubt they’ll turn away many 110-year-olds who enter the contest).

All musical genres are welcome, although I predict country-and-western artists will jump all over this.

Profanity or lewd lyrics will not be accepted, which kills my idea for an anthem ala Toby Keith entitled “Make Shit In ‘Murrica Or Get A Boot Up Your Ass.”

Entries will be accepted through May 1. Submit a two-minute You Tube link video with your original song and a 2014 MIAE Anthem Contest Entry Form to

The winner gets to record an album at Fort Worth’s own SG Studios.