Michael H. Price is a longtime Fort Worth journalist, author, movie historian, comic book writer, and musician. (He probably knows a lot about 19th century Latvian folk dance, too, but there’s only so much room on this multi-hyphenate’s resume.) The one thing that ties his many passions together is storytelling. He’s especially serious on the subject of people recording and preserving their own family history through the memories and anecdotes of grandparents, aging parents, older aunts and uncles, longtime family friends, etc. From 9am-noon this Saturday Aug 23, Price will conduct a class at the Fort Worth Writers’ Bootcamp (2701 W Berry St, #122) entitled “Capturing Your Family History.” Fee is $50.

To be clear, this session is not about tracing your family tree in the narrow research sense; there are several good web resources to begin that process. Instead, Price will focus on basic interview techniques for getting the best stories from older family members and then organizing and shaping that lore into whatever narrative form works best for you and your tribe, be it journals, story collections, or non-fiction (and even fiction) books. Price has worked with both the Texas Folklore Society and UT San Antonio’s Institute of Texan Cultures to preserve the histories of Texas families and individuals, so his class should be informative and entertaining.