Denton voters took things a step further than other cities and voted last month to ban fracking altogether. The ban passed by a margin of 18 percent despite the threat of lawsuits against the city made by oil and gas interests and a study by the Perryman Group claiming Denton would be turning up its nose at more than $250 million in economic benefits.

The ban passed because Denton voters saw through the industry’s claims that citizens would be wading in a river of royalties, said Denton City Council member Kevin Roden.

“The talking point of the industry has always been that [fracking] would benefit your local economy,” he said. “That just didn’t make any sense for Denton given that a lot of our mineral rights owners are not from our city, and all of the operators are from out of town. About a quarter of one percent of all oil and gas jobs are in our city, so it’s not the backbone of our economy by any stretch of the imagination.”


  1. I’m glad other people in Tarrant County see what is going on, Cheespeake is stealing us blind, I have upwards of 3 acres in within Fort Worth, and as of now we have seen very little maybe 20.00 per1/4acre a month ! Fracking Crooks!!!!!!!!, there is no doubt to anyone with half a brain. I call B**LS**T, on their crimes! They need to be bankrupted for sure!!!!! I’M DONE!!!

    • 🙂 wake up everyone. You can voice your opinion, but if you sleep through sleezy politics, then you are dreaming if you think your opinion matters. Your opinion only matters at your local council meetings. Make your frustrations heard. Do something