Tonight was one of those nights. I got up at 4 AM, was on the phone making calls at 9 AM–after making breakfast for my daughter Madeleina and my grandbaby Taylor Rain and getting them off to school, doing a couple of loads of wash, reading four newspapers and drinking my blend of good coffee and caffeine-free coffee. The day flew by: I needed to buy some things to keep the dogs from getting under the house, needed to work on the bathroom that my oldest, Italo, just redid, including a new tub/shower and tiles, and floor–but left a lot of difficult-to-remove calk all over the place–and then suddenly it was time to go to the store to buy chicken for the dogs, chicken livers for the newer dogs–a couple of border collies who are not yet ready to eat chicken neck bones–and feed the new litter of kittens. You always have to feed the dogs because they keep bad people away, andyou always have to feed the cats because they keep rats away, right? So I shopped and got some great monster cow rib bones, got home and sauteed them on high flame on all four sides after I’d cut them into individual ribs rather than a whole rack, then tossed them in the oven with sea salt, coarse black pepper and a bit of garlic in olive oil that I always have on hand.

BUTTTT, I remembered I had a nice piece of salmon I had not used for a week. Too many guests and not enough salmon, only about 1 1/2 pounds, and I was sure it was ruined. To my surprise, it was still perfect. So I put that in a bit of olive oil, meat side down, at the highest heat from my best burner, till it was nearly black. Turned it over and let the skin nearly candy before I put salt, cracked black pepper and the garlic in olive oil on it. Then I cut organic scallions, five of them, and three Roma tomatoes and a nice red pepper and put that around the sizzling fish. Then I added more garlic and a small jar of capers.

Now I’ve got a gorgeous piece of salmon, enough for four people, along with a gorgeous 8 monster beef ribs, along with basmati rice, organic Spring corn, a salad, fresh beans left over from yesterday’s barbeque…and Madeleina is sleeping and I don’t eat much after I cook. So we’re sort of caught between a salmon and a hard place. I hope someone hungry comes by and I can give them enough food for a week. Cause we have it, but I don’t know who will actually eat it.