PRAIRIE FEST FUN (photo courtesy of Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area)

It was 55 years ago today that Fort Worth officials paid $138,250 for 160 acres of prairie land hills just southeast of downtown. Since then, countless motorists have driven along I-30, looked at the rolling terrain, and thought, “What a unique wooded area! So gorgeous and empty. Why isn’t it developed with big fancy houses or skyscrapers? Look at the wildflowers. Hey, why is this jerk honking at me? Oh, I’m swerving into his lane because I’m looking at the pretty hills.”

City leaders had the foresight to not only buy the land, but to preserve it as the Tandy Hills Natural Area. Few parks in town rival it for spotting plants and wildlife.

This week’s cover story describes how local nature lovers have made it their mission to protect and maintain the native species and grasslands while turning them into an educational tool for students.


This Saturday marks the 10th annual Prairie Fest, whose proceeds pay for the improvements these hard-working volunteers provide. Read all about it in the Fort Worth Weekly, and make a trek to Tandy Hills on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about.


  1. Shhh. You can’t talk about something on the east side of town, it’s against your mission and heritage. Oh wait, I thought this was the Star-Telegram.
    Never mind.